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Signs You Need a New iPhone Than Vancouver iPhone Repair

iPhones are mesmerizing to use owing to their advanced features and appeal. New iPhones have surpassed previous iPhone models because they are more advanced. Yet, iPhones encounter problems no matter whether you own a new model or an old iPhone. Vancouver iPhone repair is the solution to fix a broken iPhone. Additionally, you may consider buying a new iPhone instead of repairing it. iPhone repair is cheaper, in contrast to buying a new iPhone. Yet, you may need to buy a new iPhone if you experience the following problems frequently with your iPhone:

Nonfunctional Audio Jack: 

iPhones may not produce audio correctly when the audio jack of your iPhones malfunctions. You may plug in your earphones to your iPhone and uncover a sudden increase or a muting of audio. It happens because your audio jack has a fault. You can visit an iPhone repair shop to fix the problem. However, you wouldn’t like this problem to occur again and again once you fix your iPhone audio jack.

Cracked iPhone screen: 

You can crack your iPhone screen because of lack of care. Plus, spider-web-like cracks on your iPhone may not seem serious to you. Still, moisture can penetrate through these cracks to harm the internal circuitry of your iPhone. Plus, the shattered display is harmful to the eyesight and face, as well. iPhone screen repair is the solution, but: What if you break your iPhone screen again? 

Unresponsive Buttons:

The volume buttons or power buttons of an iPhone can become unresponsive if you use them too much. Besides, iPhone users deploy volume buttons more than a power button. the iPhone won’t function properly if these buttons don’t function properly or become dead if they don’t function at all. It is another sign for you to consider buying a new iPhone instead of opting for Vancouver iPhone repair.

Charging Port Issue:

the iPhone won’t charge if the USB doesn’t align to the charging port of an iPhone. As a result, the connection between the port and the system loosens. Visiting an iPhone repair shop to fix the problem is a solution. However, if the charging port is impossible to repair, buying a new iPhone makes sense.

Software Issues: 

An application or internal damage to a device may cause software or internal problems to an iPhone. Updating iOS may help you fix the problem; however, iPhone users should buy a new iPhone if it doesn’t help.

Battery Life Is Deteriorating: 

You may charge your iPhone completely and leave it on a sofa. After 20 minutes, you notice a fast battery decline with a battery life of 70 percent. It can happen consistently, even when you turn off unwanted apps. Battery replacement is the fix; however, you wouldn’t want it to happen with the new iPhone battery. If you experience fast battery draining even after battery replacement, buying a new iPhone is sensible.       

Camera Fault: 

It isn’t a frequent problem that iPhone users encounter, but the iPhone camera can fault with time. You may take a picture of your loved one, and the result is a dark or blurred picture. In that case, your camera has a fault that you may fix via an iPhone camera repair service. If the camera doesn’t function normally after iPhone repair, you may buy a new iPhone with a better camera.  

An iOS Update Seems Impossible:

the iPhone can become a victim to hundreds of malware with time. Thus, Apple releases iOS updates to help iPhone users take care of the issue. However, the iPhone doesn’t update at times because of a system issue, even with a reboot. Then, buying a new iPhone is right; that has turned into a hot potato instead of keeping an old iPhone. 


iPhones are appealing to use owing to their advanced features. Still, these smartphones are prone to damage. You can fix a broken iPhone if you avail of Vancouver iPhone repair. Nevertheless, sometimes, buying a new iPhone is the best option instead of iPhone repair. If you face the following issues with your iPhone frequently, consider buying a new iPhone:

  1. Audio jack malfunction
  2. Cracked iPhone screen
  3. Unresponsive buttons
  4. Charging port problem
  5. Software issues
  6. Battery life deterioration
  7. Camera fault
  8. iOS won’t update

iPhone repair is the solution, yet buying a new iPhone is right if you encounter iPhone issues frequently even after repair.

Cell Doctor (https://www.gocelldoctor.ca/) is an authorized iPhone and Android phone repair service in Vancouver, Richmond, and Prince George.

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