Seven CBD Facts and Myths

With CBD products being relatively new for medical and recreational uses, there are plenty of misconceptions and people who haven’t done the proper research before they have decided to form their opinions on the subject. Be in the know and learn the truth about CBD and how it affects the body! These seven CBD myths are a great place to start to become a well-researched individual. 

CBD Facts and Myths #1: All CBD Products Are the Same   You could equate this myth to saying all caffeine products are the same. Drinking tea, coffee, energy drinks, or even eating chocolate will give you different effects. CBD is similarly a complex product that contains a broad spectrum of plant molecules, as well as cannabidiol. Some speculate that these additional molecules may be more powerful than even the CBD component itself.   Because CBD oils come from different plant sources, they contain different molecules that will affect your body in unique ways, even if the CBD content is the exact same amount of mg. When you try out various CBD products, be sure to note what the product is sourced from, like hemp or cannabis. Your body has its own personal chemistry that will respond differently from others to certain products.  CBD Facts and Myths #2: CBD is THC Without the High   Myth! While both CBD and THC affect the endocannabinoid system, they do so in different ways. Even beyond the endocannabinoid system, they affect serotonin receptors to pain receptors differently. Once again, because we all have unique body chemistries, CBD and THC will not give everyone the results they are looking for, while they prove to be very effective for others.   Some may find that THC best relieves their pain, while CBD does very little to affect their pain levels, and vice versa for people with different chemistries. Others may find great relief from their stress issues with CBD, while THC makes it worse. Combining both THC and CBD can even give maximum benefits to some folks. Experimenting with various products is well worth it when you find the right combination or option that works to meet your health goals.
CBD Facts and Myths #3: More CBD Will Give You a Greater Effect   This is a common myth that can lead to increased chances of side effects, like diarrhea and drowsiness. CBD typically has a dose limit where you won’t get any more positive effects from it. For some people, a broad spectrum CBD product may have a greater effect than a higher mg CBD oil product because of the additional terpenes and other cannabinoids. Finding your perfect dose will come with some trial and error. There are no specific guidelines, as everyone’s body chemistry and dose will differ.CBD Facts and Myths #4: There is Little to No Research Supporting CBD   Absolutely a CBD myth! While CBD research is ongoing, there is currently a plethora of studies that have shown the health benefits of CBD. The results of the animal studies has been quite astonishing.   The FDA has recently approved the first ever cannabis-derived medicine (which contains CBD) for several conditions. While more human studies are needed, we should not dismiss the animal research that has been conducted.CBD Facts and Myths #5: CBD Provides Health Benefits for Pets   Fact. While research is limited for pets, there have been several studies conducted to evaluate the effects of CBD on dogs with seizures and mobility issues.   A study was also conducted to see what the effects of CBD oil had on perfectly healthy pets. The results showed no negative side effects. All of these studies showed slightly raised ALT liver levels, but they were not increased enough to be of concern, and the conclusion deemed CBD to be a safe option for pets.
CBD Facts and Myths #6: CBD Affects Your Level of Alertness This is a fact. CBD in different doses will affect your level of alertness in different ways. Typically, lower doses will give you an energized feeling, and higher doses may make you drowsy. Some people may want the extra energy for starting and conquering their day. Others may want relief from sleeplessness, and crave the sleepy effects for their own health goals. Always pay attention to the recommended dosage.CBD Facts and Myths #7: CBD is Federally Legal   While this is a fact for CBD products containing 0.3% or less of THC content, individual states have their own laws regarding the legality of CBD products. In just a few states, CBD is completely illegal. In many others, CBD may be legal only for medical purposes, and in others it is legal for both recreational and medical use. Be sure to research your state laws before purchasing any CBD oil products online.  
Now that you are more informed about these CBD myths, you can make better decisions when trying out CBD products. Or, perhaps you know someone who is suffering from a condition that could be helped by CBD, but they have been held back by a lack of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to talk about these CBD facts and myths to help others realize the unique medical applications. They just might find a better quality of life with CBD use! 

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