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Seniors can detect falls with the wearable V1 from Doctor Alert, which is a medical alert watch for seniors

The elderly are at risk of falling in today’s society. Using a specially designed alarm, elderly people can be prevented from falling, which can prevent multiple falls. Several serious injuries may result from falls, including fractured hips. Without emergency alerts, a patient could end up dehydrated, hypothermic, suffer from pressure ulcers, break down their muscles, or die. A fall detection device can also be provided as part of our emergency service in dire cases. People tend to forget things as they age, which later prove to be problematic. An alternative to living in an assisted living facility or living with family is to purchase a panic pendant that can be worn at home. Not only will the wearer feel at ease, but their family and caregivers will, too. In addition to providing round-the-clock emergency alerts, the alert system is a pioneer in home security, and keeps the elderly independent by giving them round-the-clock security alerts. Such a feature may prove lifesaving in an emergency.  Using Lively on your smartphone, you can perform medical alerts, fall detection, and unlock your car if you get locked out. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Press the SOS button on your medical alert watch for seniors to contact our 24/7 monitoring team. If you need assistance, our operators are always available.
  • When you are experiencing an emergency, your mobile phone’s GPS will determine your location, and the operator stays on the line until the problem is resolved.
  • A paramedic will respond if there is an emergency and our operators will contact our emergency contacts.

A medical alert watch can be used by individuals with medical conditions that make it impossible for them to leave their homes.

You may have to deal with domestic violence. During the year that ended in March 2017, 1.9 million adults (16-59 years old) in England and Wales were victims of domestic abuse. This act was performed by approximately 713,000 men and 1.2 million women. Domestic violence accounted for 46% of the crimes, and violent crime 32%.   As of June 2017, there were 46 arrests for 100 reported domestic abuse crimes across 39 police departments. Call us if you are interested in learning more about medical alert watches for seniors.

With a two-way wireless personal alarm system, seniors can stay in their own homes rather than move into assisted living facilities or stay with family members. A company’s primary service can be compared to the service provided by a personal alarm for elderly people. 

Getting immobilized by a heart attack or stroke is a risk for the elderly. Senior citizens are kept safe and independent with an emergency alert system specifically designed for them. Medical alert fall detection will benefit anyone who is at risk of falling due to a disability or medical condition. With a medical alert watch or pendant connected to the system’s base, you can get immediate assistance in case of an emergency. No phone calls are necessary. By pressing the button you will receive assistance. It is most likely that the device will detect a fall the vast majority of the time when the fall detection features are enabled, and it will immediately alert any caregivers registered with the center so that they can provide assistance. Calling or dialing numbers is not necessary. A simple button press is enough. In most cases, a fall detection device designed for elderly people will be able to detect the fall and notify all caregivers registered with the care center so they can begin providing assistance immediately.

If Our emergency services are available when needed. Calling for help is easier with wearable smart watches such as the Doctor Alert V1. We offer 5-Star Urgent Response service on our Lively app for your Smartphone. The sleek design will make you forget you are wearing one. Wearable V1 smart watches are medical alert fall detection watches for seniors that provide 24-hour tracking, water resistance, two-way communication, geographic fencing, and a one year warranty.

With the V1 smart watch from Doctor Alert, you get fall detection, emergency response, and 5Star Urgent Response. Using Lively can be useful if you are in a medical emergency, if you are locked out of your home, or if you are having trouble with your car.

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