Sebaceous Cyst Removal London: Causes, Treatment

Sebaceous cysts are also referred to as skin cysts. They are fluid-filled, slightly hardened bumps occurring in the skin. Such bumps might occur at any part of the skin including the torso, neck and face. Medical experts consider it to be epithelial cysts, keratin cysts or epidermal cysts. Skin cysts can be non-cancerous or benign, not causing problems. About However, being common, about 20% of adults get affected by it. It may vary in size to about 5 cm across!

Infected cysts

Once the cyst gets infected, inflammation may cause it to appear red colour. They may even be of whitish colour because of presence of pus in it. This pus could smell unpleasant. People suspecting infections should visit the leading Sebaceous Cyst Removal London expert. They will prescribe antibiotic medication. To manage infected cyst, the following has to be done:

  • Apply warm compress on the affected part.
  • Wash it regularly to keep it clean using mild anti-microbial soap.
  • Do not use cosmetic products to cover it.


As cells multiply as well as move inwards rather than move towards the skin surface, skin cysts tend to develop. At times, skin cysts might form due to damage resulting in the top layer cells to get ‘implanted’ in lower layer. The skin’s top layer is the epidermis, while the skin cells sheds away in the outermost epidermis layer. Below is located the dermis layer. Cysts may form for various reasons, including genetic issues like Gardner’s syndrome that is associated with skin cysts.

Complications faced

Generally complications do not arise on the occurrence of cysts. Skin infection, however, is a likely complication that occurs if bacteria penetrate the cyst. The fact is cysts along with the skin area around it are stated to be moveable. They are not fixed below the skin or to anything deeper. However, in rare cases, the cyst might extend deep within the body, thereby connecting with the underlying tissue. If fixed immovable lump occurs, then it becomes necessary to visit the top Private Dermatology Clinic London.


Skin cysts can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. But treating or removing them can be only make the situation worse. Squeezing, rubbing or picking the cyst will only cause damage, thereby causing tenderness and pain. Also, the cyst appears inflamed or red. If the skin cyst produces unwanted symptoms or causes concerns, this means a qualified doctor should be consulted with. Medical experts can diagnose accurately the issue as well as deal with other concerns arising from this issue. They can cure even troublesome cysts with ease.

Removing cyst at the doctor’s office

The doctor will provide local anaesthesia to numb completely the affected region. They will use antiseptic swabs, thereby ensuring the area does not get infected, thus preventing further spread. To remove cysts, they will use various instruments or a blade. They will lance drain the cyst if it has burst or an infection has occurred under the skin. Antibiotics are also prescribed.

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