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6 Drawbacks of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

Kids love to watch cartoon shows and movies. They just can’t get enough of it. And with smartphones becoming a normal thing for kids, there is a bigger number of screens that kids are exposed to now than ever before. 

Although watching cartoon shows and movies is helpful for kids in terms of cognitive development, but there is such as thing as too much screen time.

If your kids are staring at the smartphone or TV screens the entire day, it can create a lot of issues for them in the future. 

In this article, we are going to explore 6 drawbacks of too much screen time that every parent needs to know.

Behavioral Changes

Kids who watch a lot of cartoons or TV shows often get dependent on a certain type of form of entertainment. And if this goes on for long, you might start seeing behavioral changes in the kid. 

For example, if your kid consumes a lot of violent content on their smartphone, laptop, or TV, they are more likely to exhibit the same category of behavioral patterns. Kids who watch shows such as kisscartoon rick and morty tend to adopt the behavioral patterns of the characters they see in these shows. 

Academic Performance

Research suggests that kids who watch a lot of cartoons don’t do well in terms of their academic performance. This is obvious because these kids spend all their time watching cartoons. 

Staying on the smartphone screen wastes the time that they should be spending on their studies. This is why kids who watch a lot of cartoons or TV shows don’t do well in exams. 


There is very little physical movement associated with watching cartoon shows or movies on a phone or a computer screen. Since kids don’t engage in any kind of physical activity, the effects of it start showing in terms of obesity in kids. 

This is why too much screen time is not good for kids as it can cause them to become overweight. Doctors recommend that kids have some sort of routine that engages them with a little bit of physical movement throughout the day to prevent issues such as obesity. 


Cartoon shows, movies, and TV series can be quite violent. Kids can often adopt violent patterns subconsciously and start practicing them unconsciously.

Violence is a serious issue with video games in particular as most games are centered around that idea. Introducing your kids to such ideas at a young age can affect their development. For example, most of the movies that you find on movierulz plz 2021 feature action that can be quite violent in nature. 

Irregular Sleep Patterns

Too much screen time is a lot like an addiction. Kids who fail to manage their screen time find it hard to stop themselves. Irregular sleeping patterns are quite common in kids who are on the screens a lot. 

Their routine causes a lot of problems in their sleeping routine, and they find it hard to develop a healthy sleep pattern. Research suggests that too much screen time is one of the primary causes of issues such as insomnia in kids. This is what makes screen time management essential for kids.

Lack of Social Skills

Kids who are on smartphones or computer screens the entire day find it hard to socialize. The lack of social skills makes it hard for kids to make friends and engage in social activities. 

When kids don’t know how to behave in a social setting, it makes it difficult for them to get ahead in life. And it all begins with their lack of training in social skills which is caused by them spending all their time on the smartphone or PC screens. 


So, you need to make sure that you create a screen time routine for your kids. You should encourage your kids to follow the routine instead of forcing it on them. You can do that by telling them the side effects of too much screen time and how it is affecting their lives. If you want tips and suggestions about reducing screen time for kids, feel free to reach out to us. 

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