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How can I Remove Duplicate Items within Microsoft Outlook?

You’re moving objects in Microsoft Outlook, but did not know that the duplicate detection is disabled due to the fact that Outlook removes duplicate items. When you transfer all items in your data there is no way to eliminate duplicate items quickly. This is why, when you say “you can’t remove duplicate items quickly.” It implies that you are able to take out duplicate items, however, it’s not easy.

To learn the method to get rid of duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2019 or other versions keep reading the post below.

Problems caused by duplicate items in Your Mailbox

MS Outlook comes under the range of sophisticated applications offered through Microsoft Suite. To ensure the efficiency of Outlook it requires a lot of resources are needed. But, Outlook users mostly face duplicate messages and emails occasionally. These duplicates cause numerous problems. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate duplicate items from Microsoft Outlook.

  1. If you use the instant search options in Outlook to locate a particular message or file More than the normal time will be required by Outlook due to the fact that a large number of messages need to be scanned.
  2. If it is possible to receive several copies of the email with attachments The size of the mailbox will also increase. It is also evident that the bigger that the mailbox has, the less performance will be.
  3. However duplicated files will take up more space on the hard drives, making the emailing program large. Furthermore, it can increase the use of CPU.
  4. As time goes by, Microsoft Outlook will become slow, slow to respond, freeze and hanging, or cease to respond! Additionally, it could cause damage to the PST file.

Possible Reasons for Duplication of email messages

There are a variety of reasons for this problem and all of them are discussed below.

1. Rule of Laws that are not properly configured

If the rules aren’t configured correctly, there’s a possibility of confusion when an email is received. Also, there is a possibility of duplicated sending of emails.

2. Short Intervals when sending and Receiving messages

If the inbox updates on a low frequency and has a brief intervals, emails and other data items may not be synchronized correctly and can lead to duplicate data.

3. Account setup error

If you have the identical email accounts on different devices such as mobile and laptop this will duplicates the synchronization of an incoming messages. It could be a possible causes of duplicate email within Outlook. Outlook mailbox.

4. Unsuitable Mailbox Settings

When you sign up for an account with Outlook You may haven’t define the mailbox settings correctly. This is why you get the similar messages or emails several times.

5. Other Technical Problems

If there’s a technical issue with the mail server, there could duplicate Outlook items. This is usually the case when you enable the “Leave messages on the server” option is enabled the possibility of this kind of scenario can occur often. If more than one “move copies to” rules are set for an incoming email incorrect setting in Microsoft Outlook. It can result in duplicate emails as well. The merging of several PST files into one PST will also create duplicates in Outlook.

It doesn’t matter what reasons are behind the creation of multiple copies of the same message; it will definitely have an impact on Microsoft Outlook productivity. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate duplicate items from Outlook!

Are you looking for a simple solution to get rid of duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010?

It is crucial to eliminate duplicate files out of your mailbox. However, dealing with hundreds of duplicates is challenging. If the amount of duplicate items increases and manual deletion of these items becomes difficult. There isn’t any easy guideline available to help users can use to eliminate duplicate items. Even Microsoft does not provide an easy fix to the exact same issue for every Outlook version.

Manual Methods to remove duplicate items from Microsoft Outlook

Are you in search of solutions to remove duplicate messages that are a part of your Outlook?

Before you jump straight into the solution to eliminate the duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook, it is crucial to determine the cause of the issue and then address it. If you’re incapable of finding the reason, then here are the various ways to do the same thing are discussed.

The top five ways to eliminate duplicates from Outlook mailbox.

1# Configure Outlook Rules Properly

The first thing you must check is whether your Outlook rules are properly configured or not. If they’re properly configured there’s a possibility of confusion among the various email folders. It is therefore crucial to set up the rules in a proper manner.

2. Edit your Inbox Updates Frequency

Another way to prevent duplicates is to change the frequency of updates to your inbox. For this, click on the Updates tab begin Outlook and switch to Send/Receive. Next, click Define groups to send or receive. Next, select the amount of the frequency of updates to your inbox between 15-30 minutes.

3: Use Clean Up Tool to clean up your Inbox

There are many tools and add-ins that are used by Outlook. One tool can assist you clean up the duplicate messages. Follow the steps below to tidy up your mailbox:

  1. First , you must start Outlook
  2. Then, select the mailbox folder.
  3. After that, select the Home tab, then Cleanup Now Select one of the following options:
  • Clean up Conversation: To erase and relocate the duplicate messages that is in the conversation.
  • Clean Up Folder: To delete the duplicate messages from a certain folder
  • Clean up folders and subfolders: To eliminate the subfolders and folders that are duplicates.

4. Finally, right-click to open your Deleted Items folder, then click Empty Folder. It will certainly erase the emails.

4# Antivirus application

Another reason that could cause duplicate mails in your mailbox could be due to the settings of your Antivirus application. If a server connection has closed in a proper manner, the emails will not be marked even after receipt and can result in duplicates. To fix this issue You must go through the instructions of your Antivirus application and disable the protection for emails.

5# Regain Outlook Duplicates Remover: A Professional Solution

If the above solutions don’t fix the issue, you can use an alternative third-party Return Outlook Duplicate Remover software for eliminating duplicates from Outlook duplicates completely. The tool was designed to ensure that managing duplicate messages and additional duplicate Outlook items becomes easy.

The Outlook Tools to remove duplicates can search for duplicate items and eliminate them in Your Outlook mailbox. It is among the most effective and tested methods to get rid of Outlook duplicates. It provides a variety of ways to search for duplicate messages . For example you can choose an email address field i.e. the subject to, to, cc attachment, subject, etc. The trial version of the program is also available, with which you can eliminate duplicate items. You can remove 30 items in each folder with this Outlook Duplicates Remover program.

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