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Recruitment Software as a Platform

The recruiting software market

It’s difficult, and losing track of a candidate might mean missing out on the greatest individuals to set up a business or lowering the company’s recruiting brand in the applicant market. Fortunately, the entire process has been digitised. Companies have replaced old systems and paper-based resumes with the latest technologies that provide social media adoption, online assessments, automated workflows, and real-time analytics.

Recruitment platform can now take a systematic approach to hire. This helps save time, effort, and funds while providing prospects with a pleasant branding experience. In addition, recruiting tools can provide businesses with a platform to improve the candidate’s experience. This not only increases the talent pool but can also increase brand loyalty from customers. 71% of candidates are more likely to work for a company with a positive experience in hiring. Approximately 40% of applicants declined the job because they first received it from another company. Hundreds of vendors are now entering this market with software that looks like they have the same features of red headsets.

How Employment Trends Affect Recruitment Software Needs

The unemployment rate changed regularly, and not all industries fluctuated similarly. As a result, current unemployment rates have an impact on if you use recruitment software. Choosing a recruitment tool that benefits both high and low unemployment increases your chances of finding the right candidate, regardless of your employment environment.

Recruitment during periods of high unemployment 

If you have a high unemployment rate, you may accept more applicants for each position you post. It is important to choose recruitment software with the Applicant Tracking System because selecting these candidates needs to be simplified. Alternatively, you may seamlessly connect with one. Furthermore, during times of high unemployment, social media provides an excellent chance to identify qualified people. Even if your viewers aren’t seeking for work, they most likely know someone who is. To get the most out of these recommendations, you need a recruitment tool that integrates with social media and allows you to post to multiple platforms quickly.

Responding to low unemployment

Companies that want to increase their workforce despite low unemployment need to be creative. In addition to passive, reverse, and internal hiring efforts, high-growth companies are looking to replace traditional methods of hiring best-skilled candidates. According to Monster’s 2019 Trends Report, more companies will hire during periods of low unemployment based on potential candidates rather than proven skills. Due to the low unemployment rate and limited candidate areas in all industries, companies are looking for candidates with a proven track record of demonstrating adaptability and the learning curve.

Personal marketing practices

In addition to alternative hiring methods, some HR departments are looking to traditional marketing methods. For example, the talent development department uses social media, online job boards, and face-to-face events in conjunction with traditional methods to attract the best talent. These recruitment tools advertise the firm’s culture, hobbies, and rewards, and they frequently encourage interested applicants to apply even if the organisation does not offer the ideal job. Recruiting software often includes:

  • Creating career websites.
  • Posting on multiple job boards.
  • Posting job listings on social media platforms.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of recruiting marketing activities.

Social recruiting analysis

Social Recruiting uses workers’ and certain other HR professionals’ social media networks to push their company’s chosen brands. Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are used by businesses. As a result, they may advertise job postings, interact with possible prospects, and recruit passive candidates. Recruiting tools that allow you to import analytics from social media sites help HR professionals better.

Mobile recruiting tools

More and more people are doing business through their cell phones, which involves applying for a job. As a result, recruiters promote and demand mobile-enabled carrier sites and job boards, including mobile-enabled applications, forms, and messaging apps. Mobile recruiting tools can attract to applicants that may not have access to a computer other than a phone. They can help with high volume recruiting as well.

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