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Top Reasons to Merge PDF Files Online

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are one of the most common file types you’ll see in the workplace, and finding the online service tool for merging PDF files and editing PDF documents is a very common problem. In fact, you can consider them the standard document format across corporate industries. PDFs are known to be quite reliable, easy to use, and readable using a wide range of software.

If you’re used to editing a PDF file, you might already be aware of the “merge PDF” function that comes standard (like rotate, search or extract PDF) in most PDF software programs like Sizle. If not, you’re not the only one.

Despite being a highly effective and useful feature, not that many people opt to use it or even know the benefits it can provide. Others simply don’t know the feature exists and can often find themselves wondering how to merge PDF files. Maybe you need to merge or combine two PDF files to make one easy-to-read document, or perhaps you forgot to include a specific page that needs to be added in. Having a simple PDF merger is all you need to create a clear, professional document in no time.

Why Merge PDF Files?

Merging your PDF documents can not only save you a lot of time when it comes to organizing your documents, but it’s also much more sustainable and eco-friendlier than the old-school workaround of printing and scanning your documents.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the most common reasons individuals may need to merge PDF files online and how a PDF merger software can help improve your document workflow.

Projects With Multiple Participants

If you’re participating in a project that requires multiple people to submit or share their documents, combining the PDF document can make things a lot easier. This is especially helpful if you’re working and meeting with each other virtually and cannot meet with all the participants in person due to them being in different offices or even regions. Be sure to read up on the best tips for hosting virtual meetings.

When a project has more than one person or team involved, documents will need to be submitted from many different departments. For instance, a proposal for housing development will likely include reports and input from various people, including contractors, engineers, architects, accounting, and so on. Larger projects often require multiple teams, resulting in many documents, including plans, change requests, progress reports, etc.

Using a PDF software’s merging feature will tremendously help speed this process along and ensure the document includes everything it needs. If each portion of the document is sent in various file formats, they can each be saved as PDF documents and easily merged. The presentation will then look professional, cohesive, and much easier to read with all the pertinent information available in one place.

Moreover, if any changes need to be made by any of the parties, they can be done quickly and re-merged into the already completed document.

Archived Documents

Document archiving refers to files and documents containing information that is no longer regularly being used and, as a result, is stored securely for extended periods of time. Places like record libraries and other document archiving companies typically hold thousands of files that are saved electronically. They manage these documents helping to reduce the risk of errors and improve data protection.

If you ever need to access archived documents, you might be surprised to know that they are usually stored individually rather than in one big record. Because of this, researchers spend countless hours and days combing through large amounts of individual documents to get the information they need.

Since these files are kept electronically, it makes it possible to merge them into one PDF document, saving researching excessive time and effort while trying to locate files. Combining these endless archives into one document means researchers can seamlessly access the information they’re looking for rather than going from file to file.

Merging archive documents also makes it easier for the record libraries and archiving companies to manage these files and have the information readily available for researchers.

Attorneys, judicators, and real estate agents are among some of the many occupations that involve managing large amounts of paperwork on a daily basis. This type of work requires lots of signed agreements and legally binding contracts to be sent back and forth among all parties involved.

For real estate agents, buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords generally have to sign multiple forms of agreements so that a deal can be closed.

For lawyers and attorneys (corporate, injury, motorcycle, car accident, personal or otherwise), it’s common to have many different types of legal documents for each case. Not to mention, legal documents are often over-scrutinized and revised by participating parties before an agreement can be determined.

If you’re put in a situation where your documents are often getting revised and rewritten, a free PDF file merger is certainly ideal. As each party receives their own document to be signed, they can save them individually and electronically as PDFs. Afterward, by merging each file into one final document, everyone involved can save a lot of time – and hassle. Rather than having individual documents for every individual case, you can combine each case file into one PDF document for better organization. Like the researchers we just mentioned, this makes it easier to locate information whenever the need arises.

In addition to file merging, PDF software management tools like Sizle even offer helpful features that help accommodate fillable documents that need to be signed, making the process, in this case, even more seamless.

Merge PDF Files To Save Space on Your Device

One of the best parts about utilizing a PDF file merging software is how much storage space it can save you on your device.

PDF files, in particular, can take up quite a lot of space due to the ability to hold more than just plain text. These files tend to include lots of images, 3D graphics, vector graphs, and tables, among others which make for a larger file size. In addition to this, the more individual files you keep, the more you end up consuming unnecessary space on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Using a PDF file merger can help avoid using up valuable space on your device as each file becomes consolidated into one document. Not only is everything organized into one place, but you can more easily transfer files between devices without having to worry about how much storage space you will need.

Moreover, freeing up storage space while also having fewer documents open at once can help increase the speed of your device and avoid annoying lag time. The less processing your device is forced to do at once will ensure it lasts you a long time.

Security and Privacy

The last thing you need while handling significant – and at times confidential – documents is to have your device become vulnerable to malware or other security issues.

Unlike some other platforms, PDFs are highly safe and secure. In fact, PDF actually includes an automated system that allows the file it deletes itself automatically after being uploaded. This ensures your sensitive data is safe and won’t be accessible by anyone online who may be trying to hack into your system. PDF files are also not executable, meaning they can’t infect your device while sitting idle on your hard drive. In order for any virus in a PDF to affect your computer, it needs to be interpreted and executed using a PDF reader software first.

When you secure your PDF files using software like Sizle, you can stop unauthorized access, sharing, or distribution. You can also set individual and group PINs for access, set file expiration, and other advanced document security tools like seeing when a viewer opens your PDF document and measuring how much time viewers spend on each page of your PDF.

For added security and peace of mind, it’s best to merge your individual PDF files to ensure you can apply security settings on one complete document. That way, you won’t be wondering whether or not all of your PDF files are safe.

Working with Different Operating Systems

If you’re working on a document that involves many participants, you may have the confront the issue of multiple different operating systems. As such, not all file platforms will be compatible with everyone’s device. And if a participant can’t access the file, it will only slow things down for everyone involved.

While this isn’t a common issue, it’s always a possibility, especially if you don’t have access to your particular device. For instance, maybe your co-worker has been using a Word Document file that isn’t compatible with other users. The great thing about merging PDF files in this situation is that PDF documents are accessible on virtually every operating system or device type. This flexibility is precisely why it’s the standard file type across corporate industries. Consolidating your documents into a single PDF file ensures that everybody can easily open and review the documents with ease. Consider converting Word documents to PDF, or DOCX files to PDF online.

PDFs are also mobile-friendly, letting users conveniently review the documents using their smartphones if they need to do so on the go.

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