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Raven Gadgets and TV Antennas Reviews

Raven Gadgets is an online store which provides all the gadgets and digital appliances that one needs in daily life at reasonable prices to its valuable customers. Therefore, this website has tremendously covered if you are interested in buying a new phone, laptop, TV, other electronic devices, or even home appliances. So, what else are you waiting for? Do shopping from the Raven gadgets website right now. 

What is Available on the Raven Gadgets website?

Raven gadgets website presents a wide selection of multimedia applications and gadgets, which include

  1. mobile phones
  2. televisions
  3. Blu-ray players etc.

Moreover, Raven Gadget has recently expanded its saleable product line to cover electronics. Now it sells a variety of products from food and appliances as well. These also include some of the kitchen appliances like

  • Bread makers
  • Blenders
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox 360s etc.

Informed Shopping 

Moreover, the best thing about Raven gadgets is that it gives expert advice to its customers on selecting the product they want according to their specific needs. Furthermore, this website allows its buyers to make informed decisions while shopping for products instead of impulsive shopping for gadgets without knowing how to use them to attain their goals. 

Raven gadgets TV buddy

Raven gadgets TV buddy

Undoubtedly, Raven gadgets Tv antennas are just incredible as one can ever think of. They make everything smoother and funnier, whether one is watching a movie or sports. Also, they dramatically save us all from just watching things alone. 

Raven gadgets outdoor TV antenna lets you plug your TV into it and then hook up some wireless headphones. Everyone can enjoy and listen to excellent sound quality, even at high volumes, without buffering issues.

Moreover, these antennas are best for long rides because 

  1. They are cheaper compared to other antennas
  2. They do not make you worry about waking up your baby sister
  3. They also do not bother with changes in audio tracks 
  4. These are easily navigated via Bluetooth technology using an app provided by raven gadgets
  5. They freely allow their customers to make informed decisions when purchasing audio cassettes 

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Raven Gadgets Best Outdoor TV Antennas

Raven Gadgets Best Outdoor TV Antennas

Raven gadgets give you expert advice on selecting your product based on your specific needs as they allow a customer to make comfortable decisions while selecting from many products. It will help people:

  • To achieve goals of using the product in their life
  • Do not impulse or force buying products without knowing their specifications 

Many people want to know which are the best TV antennas for outdoor and indoor setups where they can get more stations and audio tracks to amuse themselves. This decision is to be made considering specific factors like

  1. Research on non-amplified and amplified antennas
  2. Use of antenna in different locations
  3. Strong and poor TV signals reach etc.

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Raven Gadgets Best Indoor TV Antennas

Raven Gadgets Best Indoor TV Antennas

Suppose you are tired of a bundle of monthly bills and are looking to cut off your monthly expenditures. It is recommended to purchase the right antenna to get as many tv channels for the best value, which can be indoor and outdoor supported. 

Raven gadgets TV buddy offers a variety of antennas that are differentiated from each other in terms of 

  • Price levels
  • Watchable channels received
  • Maximum range (Miles)

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Top 4 Best Indoor and Outdoor TV Antennas Reviews

Here we will summarize the specifications, ultra-wavelength, pros and cons, and the reason to use some of the raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas, and raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas. 

  1. Raven Gadgets Ultra-HD Antenna Review
Ultra-HD Antenna Review

An indoor TV antenna available on the raven gadgets website usually stands out amongst the most used antennas, which are great for TV reception. It has a

  • Flat design indoor HD TV antenna
  • Indoor TV antenna that penetrates through many physical structures
  • Detachable cable setup

All of these make it one of the best raven gadgets TV antennas for indoor use. 

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Specifications of these raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas

  • Its specification range is around 60 Miles
  • 48+ channels are received on it
  • Miami and FL area are tested on it
  • It has an amplified approach with a 1080p resolution 
  • Its cable length size varies according to the 4k reception mode
  • Its price is very reasonable, i.e., $59.95


Items that make your indoor antenna signal reception weak depend on your location. Even the best TV antennas have to face broadcasting tower reception issues through concrete walls, soundproof structural walls, etc.

UHF and VHF signals of this antenna should be strong enough to use ultra-wave design, ultimately assisting raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas get signal through most structures and get the freest over the air shows.

Extended range

Raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas usually capture good reception of signals up to 61 miles away with no monthly surcharges. When paired with the optional non-amplified stations, it picks up some weaker reception from TV stations up to the 60-mile range, particularly when paired up with some non-included optional inline amplifiers. 

Amplified antenna

These raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas can get excellent reception and receive up to five times more live tv shows than other indoor TV antennas that struggle to capture more high-definition displays. It provides comparatively more channels than others, unlike

  1. Amazon Basic Flat Antennas
  2. Winegard Elite
  3. Antennas Direct ClearStream
  4. Eclipse or Antop HD Smart Antenna

Dropouts in signals

Cheap antennas may drop signals frequently compared to these raven gadgets TV antennas. These tv buddies have innovative IC technology that distinguishes them from other omnidirectional antennas.

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Pros of using raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas

  1. Reasonable and pocket-friendly prices (also buy 1 get one free offer at certain events)
  2. Best reception compared to competing products 
  3. Extended range and helps to reduce weak signal strength 
  4. Have good penetration through objects 
  5. Use ultra-wave techniques to receive over the air broadcasts
  6. Antenna can be used as an amplifier (wall outlet powered and USB)
  7. They somehow include mounting hardware
  8. They typically do not require cable TV or satellite TV subscriptions
  9. They can remarkably pull numerous channels like CBS, sports, etc.
  10. An easy installation process with adhesive patches etc.

Cons of using raven gadgets TV antennas

  1. Raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas cannot be used for outdoor purposes at any cost 
  2. Their coaxial cable is not removable
  3. Their ultra-HD mode may get a weak broadcast tv signal through thick walls
  4. Raven M1 High-Gain 200-Mile Antenna
Cons of using raven gadgets TV antennas

It is considered one of the raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas, unlike Amazon basic and channel master omni+, etc. Their M1 device lets you receive TV broadcasts signals from several directions. 

Moreover, their speed is great enough irrespective of nearby or distant stations. That is why they are is best supported for outdoor purposes. However, they can also be used for indoor purposes as they can mount on any wall or attic.

Specifications of raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas

  • It has a specified range of 200 miles
  • 100+ channels are received via this TV antenna
  • It has no amplification effect 
  • Its 1080P reception is welcomed by its users
  • Its cable length is adjustable 
  • It usually comes with a detachable cable
  • Its price range typically starts at $79.95

Quick installation

The Snap-On technique makes it easy to install raven gadgets best outdoor tv antennas for beginners. Its installation does not require any specific tools and comes with an easy-to-follow process manual for novices. 


One of the most common issues that most people face with their modern yet contemporary outdoor antennas for home TVs is that they frequently break or get damaged due to constant exposure to outdoor environmental things like Sun, rain, winds, etc. However, raven gadgets best outdoor tv antennas are very durable and weather-resistant. They are made of durable plastic, so you don’t have to face any worries about rust or other damaging elements.

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Pros of using MI high gain 200 miles raven gadgets TV antennas

  1. It is primarily for outdoor. 
  2. However, it can be used for indoor purposes
  3. It can capture local as well as international broadcast signals and weaker stations up to 200 miles away (maximum)
  4. It is excellent at penetrating through buildings and trees
  5. When TV towers are far away, they can be used with an antenna amplifier
  6. It can mount to any attic and wall
  7. To measure its severeness, no signal strength meter is needed
  8. These TV antennas are great at receiving UHF and VHF channels
  9. User may not have to pay for satellite and cable subscriptions 
  10. Most of the channels can be viewed without resetting the channel

Cons of using these Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas

  1. Its indoor setup needs more work than an outdoor antenna
  2. Its extended wire model may be a little bit costly
  3. An amplifier may sometimes be required for the best performance
  4. Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Antenna
Cons of using these Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas

It is the latest non-amplified indoor antenna model with a cooler and smarter design than the most recent digital TV antennas. One of the greatest issues is the price to performance ratio, which does not seem suitable for the ClearStream Eclipse antenna.

Compared with other raven gadgets TV buddy antennas, this particular one does not pick up as many TV channels as they can. Although, it is cheaper in price and size is also moderate. But this specific raven gadgets tv antenna will make much better value only if

  • You have more than 2 TVs in the home
  • You love to watch foreign international channels
  • You need to watch a smooth flow of channels

Specifications of these raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas

  • It has a specified range covering a maximum of 35 miles
  • 16+ channels are received simultaneously 
  • 1080p resolution can be viewed with 4k sound quality
  • Its cable length is 12 ft which is enough for a dish
  • Its wire dimensions are 0.5 x 8.75 x 10.2 inches
  • No need for an amplifier to boost up the speed 
  • Price of ClearStream eclipse antenna is $39.99

Pros of ClearStream Raven gadgets TV antennas

  1. It can handle and provide channels on more than 1 TV at a time.
  2. Its rating according to customers is 3/5 stars, indicating that it is quite a good tv antenna.
  3. It can easily be mounted and attached to a window
  4. Having 4 TVs means you’ll spend $160, which might add a much better value to this antenna. 

Cons of this TV antenna

  1. User may get fewer channels once it gets burdened by connecting more TVs
  2. It does not have a built-in amplifier. However, a separate one is provided if the customer requires it. 
  3. Its necessary up-gradation is required over time for better approach and performance. That up-gradation may cost way more than normal
  4. Only comes with a single antenna which means that it can just be attached to a single Tv. 
  5. Some cheaper options are already present with almost the same features due to which it values less to its customers. 

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Why use these raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas?

The antenna is specially designed for consumers searching for inexpensive antennas to watch more channels, which can be used outdoors and indoors. It assists almost any TV with a built-in tuner or external tuner will work.

  1. Mohu leaf 50 Raven Gadgets TV Antennas
Mohu leaf 50 Raven Gadgets TV Antennas

Omni-directional Mohu leaf 50 is a multifunctional raven gadgets best indoor TV antenna. It is old-fashioned but still could use some work. Its construction looks pretty rugged but is expensive in terms of its pricing level. 

A few reviews depict that this raven gadget TV antenna does not generally work in some high places due to interference of sea level. Also, its penetration ability is not as strong, but it is best suited for indoor purposes. 


  • It can easily cover 60+ milage 
  • It provides more than 20+ channels simultaneously 
  • Its cable length is 16ft and is non-adjustable
  • No amplifier is needed to boost up its speed
  • It has no monthly subscription charges and costs one time just $69.95

Pros of these raven gadgets best indoor TV antennas

  1. They clearly have a strong build quality 
  2. These Raven gadgets tv antennas have a removable coax cable cord
  3. They pull in some local programming
  4. They have mounting and demounting options so Windows can be attached to them

Cons of Mohu Leaf’s raven gadgets TV antennas

  1. For each antenna, it costs about $69.95
  2. It can only be used for 1 TV at a time 
  3. 20+ channels offered are very low compared to other TV antenna models

Amount of Channels

Amount of Channels

HD TV channels are dependent on what station is broadcasting closest to you and vary from zip code to zip code. The larger the antenna, the quicker it picks up the frequencies available in several nearby zip codes.

However, you may pick up the following by extending your short-range Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antennas:

  • 100+ watchable channels
  • 200 milage range distance
  • Speedy and frequent network access

One of the most famous methods to see which antenna and settings you need to invest in are using the “Antenna WEB.” It allows you to discover which channels are available in your neighborhood. Just type in your address or zip code on its search bar, and this website will instantly give you a rough estimate that you will be able to connect to how many channels with a single raven gadgets tv antenna and in what price range. 

Best Raven Gadgets Tv Antennas Round-Up: Quality Test Performed

Raven Tv Antennas Round

Initially, all the digital TV antennas were tested in Miami, FL, in different weather conditions. However, we performed a quick scan and a full scan to get as many channels as possible with each antenna. In addition, we also tested every single Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antenna on different days in different environmental conditions to see if any factor would increase or decrease the total number of channels that were pulled in. 

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Raven gadgets Tv antennas Performance Results

The summary of all results of brand-new antennas was as follows:

  1. Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna Review – 48 watchable channels with a maximum mileage coverage of 60 miles
  2. Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna – 100+ watchable channels with a maximum 200 miles of coverage
  3. Mohu Leaf 50 – 20 channels available over a range of 60 miles from the Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antenna
  4. Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse – 16 channels that are provided over 25 miles of coverage


Raven gadgets Tv antennas Performance

The more channels a Raven gadgets tv antenna provides, the best it is for the audience. Additionally, some other factors like price, mileage distance, and wire lengths also matter a lot, especially when deciding to purchase the right antenna according to your needs. 

However, anyone can easily order Raven gadgets best outdoor TV antenna and indoor TV antenna from their online web store. They will deliver the ordered gadget or tv antenna within 3 to 4 working days at your doorstep. 

Also, the famous Raven gadgets website offers a tremendous 14-days money back guarantee offer if your ordered product does not work for you. So, what else are you waiting for? Immediately open this website and order your favorite gadgets as soon as possible. Wish you a very best of luck! Happy shopping. 

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