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Prominent ways to maintain your car’s Wheel Alignment

One of the significant responsibilities that come with owning a car is its maintenance and proper care. Because it is only this that will help ensure you have a safe and secure journey with your friends and family. Although maintaining a car is not that difficult, you have to follow the instructions led by the manufacturer. You must also properly maintain your car tires for maximum benefits and better fuel efficiency. 

Its importance for a safe ride cannot be overlooked. When it comes to maintenance of tyres, car alignment and balancing play a significant role.

What is car wheel alignment?

As the name suggests, it refers to checking and adjusting the wheel’s angle with respect to the standard laid by the manufacturer. It is an essential part of maintenance because a misaligned wheel may cause severe damage to the vehicle and the person sitting in it. It also reduces the life expectancy of the wheel. It also reduces the life of the tier.

If you are experiencing the following problems, then it might be due to misaligned wheels:

  • Vibration
  • Car pulling to one side on highways
  • The vehicle wanders from one side to another
  • Uneven wearing of the tier
  • Dysfunctional string system
  • Car steering feels heavy on one side 

What causes wheels to get Misaligned

These are some common causes that cause car alignment and balancing:

  • Lots of road trips
  • In case your car hits a pothole
  • The vehicle meets an accident
  • Normal wear and tear

Benefits of Car alignment and Balancing

  • Less wear and tear of the tier
  • Increase tyre life
  • No vibrations in the car string
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Improved breaks 
  • Smooth drive
  • No car drifting on one side

What is wheel Balancing?

Wheel Balancing is a process of distribution of mass on the wheel to balance the weight of the tier and its assembly. So that it spins evenly at high speed, this is done by putting the wheel along with the assembly and the balancer. 

And a balancer spins the wheel to determine the weight that should be put to balance the wheel from all the sides. It is important because even a tiny weight imbalance may produce a large centrifugal force. And this force may cause galumphing motion and vibrations in the car, which will increase the wear, tear, and irregular damage.  

Tips of wheel alignment and balancing

Here are few tips that will help you in wheel alignment and balancing

Always do the pre-alignment inspection

pre-alignment inspection is essential because it reduces your chance of overlooking critical issues that may come back once the wheels are aligned.

Check the accuracy of your equipment

Ensure to check the calibration certificate of the wheel aligning equipment because it may have a mechanical or electrical glitch that may produce accurate results.  

Never Rush

Always remember that any job requires a certain amount of time. So never be in a hurry when you are out for alignment. Like the car mechanic, Perth may skip checking tow-out on-turn, ride height, etc., which eventually may cause you to do rework.

Never align Worn Parts

For proper alignment, the pre-required condition is that all parts like string, suspension, etc., must be in good health.

Always benchmark manufacturer specifications

Make clear that there is nothing like a thumb rule regarding wheel alignment specifications. So always follow the data laid down by the manufacturer and not your mechanic.

So, it is quite clear that if wheels are correctly aligned, it not only reduces the mechanical wear and tear but also improves the efficiency of the car and increases the life expectancy of the tier. Therefore, car alignment is critical. One should get it done from an experienced and well-equipped garage at periodic intervals.

Suppose you are in Perth and looking for Car alignment and balancing services. In that case, Sai Auto Care is the best car mechanic Perth service provider. We use the latest wheel alignment technology to align the wheels of your car, which assure better accuracy and safety.     

We recommend that wheel alignment and balancing be done at six months. It will help you reduce the physical wear and tear and reduce the pressure on other critical parts. If you don’t drive frequently, but if you are a frequent traveler and use your car very often, you should get it done every 8000 to 10000 kilometers.

We have one of the best and most state-of-the-art digital wheel balancing machines, which provide accurate and quick results.  

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