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Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Mentions Moving to dementia care homes? The right time to move


Why PrabhdyaL Singh Sodhi is a Recognized Specialist in the United Kingdom?

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi is a famous home care specialist. He has formed a well-known home care center in the United Kingdom where people are treated with love and care. For him, the residents are at heart and ensure that each and every person who visits him gets proper care and needs.  He is skilled professional care who offered help with dementia.

As we all are well versed in the term dementia. People who are suffering from dementia need proper care, support, and help. Family members who are staying with dementia members need proper care and the care can be challenging and demands more care as the symptoms increase If you are not getting time from your packed schedule or won’t be able to fulfill all the requirements, care, and support. Then it is the time for the second option which is to move the dementia people into a dementia care home, this has also been suggested by Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi. But when is the right time to move them to a care home? Here is the answer to your question. Just read the full article.

When is the right time to move dementia people to a care home?

We will try to explain it in two situations. The first situation will be, when the situation of dementia people becomes more serious then it would be the right time to move them. In a progressing stage, dementia people need more care, and support as the disease goes on. Increasing dementia needs 24 hours care to the dementia people. So it is important to move them to a dementia care home. Their needs tend to increase as their condition diminish, so at home, the dementia people won’t be able to get that type of proper care and support and might not be able to fulfill all types of desire and requirements except your efforts and love.

 While the second situation could be the by seeing the condition which also includes the expense and admission to the hospital. Dementia people need more and more care as their health declines. They will be needing those people who can take care of their health and problem. There is no treatment or cure for dementia but what they need the most is their mental and physical state.

When is not the right time to transfer the dementia people to the care home?

According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi former director of Abbey Healthcare before considering your member to transfer to a dementia care home must think twice if it is necessary or not, or whether the dementia people need a 24 hours caretaker, or you can handle the situation on your own. Caring for dementia people is good but at some period, it can become more challenging, and won’t be able to fulfill their requirements of them. Physical and mental health support is very essential for dementia people. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to deal with both of them. so to lower your stress and work, care homes are there to take over all your stress from your head. You must find a care home so that they can provide positive support both physically and mentally.

There are also a lot of people who do not believe in care homes and their support and also do not trust whether they will take proper care of them or not. To get the answers and to know which home care is best, you can read the reviews on the website of care homes or talk to them directly as well.

What type of benefits do they provide to dementia people in care homes?

For those who are worrying about care homes and their services, this section is for them. care homes offer various types of benefits to dementia people when they move to care homes. There can be different options of treatment, the treatment, and benefits will depend on the expansion of the disease. In the initial stage, the dementia people won’t be needing any care homes or caretakers who can take care of them for hours, residential care could be enough for them. As the disease increases, there will be more requirements for care homes or nursing care or specialists in dementia for dementia people. According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, the following benefits are provided to dementia people:

  • 24 hours Complete care, support, and help will be provided by the specialist or professional caretaken every single day.
  • The caretaker and the manager of care homes will assure you that your member is in great condition and safe with them.
  • Care homes are for all dementia people, so there is a high chance of involving and engaging with them in various activities like social activity, doing some work, talking, laughing, walking, and others.
  • It is highly suggested to schedule some free time from your busy schedule to talk with them and visit the care home, surprise them with your presence and gifts they like. Through this, you can enjoy your time together in the best way and also provide care and support to them.

According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, transferring dementia people is very necessary if they want complete help, care, and support. There are a lot of benefits provided by care homes. It will be a better choice for dementia people.

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