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Places from where you can get the best offers on a laptop in 2022

It does not matter what kind of HP laptop you are trying to buy, be sure to find the right store to purchase quality laptops

From lights to discounted laptop prices, you get it all. If you are thinking about buying an HP gaming laptop, this is the perfect time to explore. 

Most brands announce great discounts to customers during the festival seasons, and getting the benefit out of it is all on you. There are many incredible deals available in 2022, and if you are willing to secure a great HP laptop, then you shouldn’t be missing it. 

Many amazing e-commerce portals offer extended deals that can save you thousands of rupees on purchasing a new laptop. The question everyone thinks about during this time is, where should they buy a laptop? Here is a list of top e-commerce platforms that you can consider for amazing value for money deals. 


Amazon is a popular e-commerce portal around the globe, and it is well-known for its extensive variety, great sellers and fast services. With that said, you can also find that Amazon’s festival sale is currently going on, and you can find top-notch laptops with over 35% discount at this time. 

You can choose from HP laptop to any other brand with hard to believe discounted price. Amazon also promises next day delivery to some selected areas, and if you live in a zone that is easy to reach, you can check the fast delivery option. The one day delivery period, along with an easy return policy, will feel overwhelming for the purchase. 


Flipkart might be a less competitive brand than Amazon, but during the festival season, the sales on Flipkart are too good and hard to believe. Why? Flipkart had a sale in recent days where they offered more than 50% discount, and the sale is likely to appear again near the festival days. 

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Flipkart is good with their deliveries, they offer an easy return policy, and there are many amazing laptop options that you can choose from. For instance, Flipkart is offering a 35% discount on many Asus laptops, which are still the latest and if you have a credit card, you can get an extra discount. So, choosing Flipkart for your next purchase might seem like the best choice so far. 

Reliance Digital

If you have a credit card and always have a good limit to spend on, Reliance Digital’s online portal is a great way to explore some amazing laptops. Even the latest laptop released a couple of days and weeks ago is available for the discounted price point. If you have a credit card, then you can get an extra 10% off. 

Nonetheless, you can save more than 8,000 rupees on a laptop by choosing Reliance Digital over the local stores. Reliance Digital also offers an instant return policy, fast delivery and 24×7 customer support to get you the best experience. In simple words, choosing this portal will be easy for those who usually don’t trust local outlets. 

In case of any issue, you also have the nearest Reliance Digital store that can eradicate any issue related to the return or replacement of the product. 

Official Website of Laptop Manufacturer

Whether you choose Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, LG or HP Gaming Laptop, you can find an excellent discount on the official manufacturer’s website. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and many other brands are offering flat 20% off on the selected models of their laptops. So, choosing any of the laptops and getting it will be easier, and you can find a range of advantages by choosing official portals. 

The return policy is quick, simple and anyone can understand it. Manufactures also offer an onsite warranty policy and a technician to deal with issues related to software or hardware. 


If you are looking for the best deals and don’t want to get confused, then comparing the best HP laptop models on all the portals and buying them will be easier. We hope that you have an excellent experience while buying your first laptop online.

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