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Pink Himalayan salt block: don’t clean it in dishwasher

Himalayan salt Block is a classy and trendy addition to our kitchen. Everybody likes to eat healthy food, and it is the common survey that the food cooked on Pink Himalayan Salt Block secures more nutrients and taste. There is a long row of benefits and advantages that proves the usage of Himalayan Salt Slab best. So people getting attracted and inspired buy Himalayan Salt Block Wholesale. So it is the need of time to write something like these articles to give knowledge to people about its usage and focal points to get all advantages without facing any issues.

There are many points that should be highlighted during or before using a Pink Himalayan Salt Block.

The age and the health of Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale depends upon how you use it? But the most important and rising concern is how to clean it? Through this article we will try our best to answer this question.

Cleaning of Himalayan Salt Block

Organic utensils have their own drawbacks. When we cook food on the Pink Himalayan Salt Block chunks of food stick to the surface of it. The cooking will cause a charred surface but there is no need to worry. By keeping some important points in your mind you can clean it efficiently for your next use.  

1-   Point a Cooking surface

When we purchase and open the box of our new Pink Himalayan Salt Block it has both sides for cooking and now it is up to us on what side we want to choose for cooking. But after selecting a side for cooking, grilling or chilling then keep in mind and point to a side. Always cook on the same side of the Himalayan Salt Slab to avoid any mishap. This precaution will help to avoid cracks and breakage of your favorite Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale.

2-   Cool the Pink Himalayan Salt Slab first

Take much care while cooking or after cooking because Himalayan Pink Salt Slab wholesale has the high power to retain temperature for a certain level. So when you start cleaning, leave your used Cooking Slab for a while and let it be cool first. Bring its temperature to the room temperature so that you can easily hold it while cleaning and drying.

3-   Avoid Water

Water is the super cleaner for everything but not in the case of Himalayan Salt Slab. Never forget the fact that the Pink Himalayan Salt Block is made up of the Salt and the chemical reaction of salt with the water. Yes it is possible that you can use less or limited water to clean your cooking or grilling slab but if you want the best advice then it is the best opinion to avoid direct use of water in any case. It will give life to your Himalayan Salt Slab.

4-   No dishwashing liquid or soap etc

Salt has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So you have no need to use any kind of Soap or dishwashing Chemical to clean your Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab. Avoid these dishwasher chemicals as you are well aware that the Rock Salt Block can retain many things. There is a possibility that you might taste some of your soap in your meal and also a very filthy smell.  

5-   Never clean it in dishwasher

Salt gets dissolved in water. It is overserved by someone that they try the cleaning of their Himalayan Salt Block in the dishwasher with direct relation to water and examine the dissolution of salt with water. Within no time you can observe the swear results due to the low melting point of Sodium chloride. Salt has the power to get dissolved in water very quickly, even more quick than any other thing. This type of cleaning brings hazards to your Salt Slab and also raises the chance of breakage.  

How to clean Himalayan Salt Slab by not placing it in the dishwasher?

It is the normal practice of users that they always forbid the cleaning playbook tips. That comes along with the Pink Himalayan Salt Slab. There are a lot of things that you can do to save, protect and secure your Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale. 6 easy steps are given below for easy understanding.

–      As discussed above, give it 2-3 hours to bring it back to its normal room temperature. And also keep in mind that always use the Himalayan Salt Slab at room temperature when you start cooking or grilling on it.

–      Use a good sponge, dip it in water and then use it slowly on the surface of the used Cooking Slab.

–      Use a complete wring sponge and make sure that you have drawn all the water out from it.

–      Scrub the chunks of the food particles that are stubborn and stick to the surface of your cooking side.

–      Then you simply for one second let it go through the running fats water. No need to put it in the dishwasher, just take it in hand and use water for a very short moment.

–      Now dry it with a dry cloth. You can also dry it with an air dryer and always be careful while placing it in a humid place. Save and store it in a dry place.

Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale are the completely organic product and it is the best product to have the full advantage from your meal. It will not just add taste to your meal but also make it bacteria free as it is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Products. And the whole procedure of its products is completely protected and strictly observed to avoid any contamination in it.

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