New malware gives hackers full control over mobile

A new malware is on the hunt for Android phone users. Called Rogue, the malicious software is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that gives a hacker absolute control over a victim’s smartphone, making it very easy to steal personal data that can be used for fraud and extortion, logins from social networks or home banking systems.
According to a Check Point Research article detailing the source of the threat, Rogue is actually a combination of two other malware, called Cosmos and Hackshaw. After infecting a device, either through a malicious app or phishing email , the threat registers itself as the device’s administrator and hides its icon from the list of apps to avoid attracting attention.
From there, a spynote hacker, with only a regular smartphone, can monitor the victim’s location in real time , use the camera to take pictures, record the audio of calls, read notification messages (especially from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp , Instagram, Telegram, Skype and Line), record everything you type and much more. All this without drawing attention.

What worries experts the most is not the technical capability of the Rogue, as there are many other RATs on the market with similar features, such as the BRATa , but the fact that it is extremely affordable. The new malware sells for $29.90 on forums on the Dark Web, and comes in a “ready to use” package. This gives even criminals with little technical skill the ability to execute sophisticated attacks.
To protect yourself against Rogue and other threats on your phone, the same tips as always apply: never install apps from unknown sources, pay attention to the permissions that an app asks for when opening and have an antivirus on your phone. The information in it is worth much more than you might think.

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