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Netflix – Best Movies you cannot afford to miss

It is possible to argue that how we consume our content has dramatically changed in the last few years. While there is always some debate about which is superior but we live in a world in which OTT platforms and movie theatres are in close proximity. This made me think. Although I still love watching a film in a big thereafter, it is difficult to imagine having seen all the movies I’ve seen without Netflix. Netflix has allowed movies to be more easily accessible.

When I was asked to compile an inventory of the top films available that are available on Netflix India, I decided to go with the standard route of having to include films like Schindler’s listsForrest Gump and The Social Network (all great films that you should check out if you’ve never) . Let’s look movie — not in any particular order — at 25 amazing gems available on Netflix which you can’t find anywhere else:


Roma helped lift Netflix into the upper echelons of entertainment. A streaming platform that created original content, the 2018 film affirmed Netflix as an important production house. It was the recipient of three Oscar awards the next year and a nomination for Best Director for Alfonso Cuaron, Roma was denied the Best Picture award. It is brimming with amazing cinematography, this black and white film tells an uplifting tale about Cleo who is a house helper to four children taking a trip. The story is sweet and evidently inspired by Cuaron’s childhood. the Roma will be a classic of the best Netflix films. Apart from Netflix, you can watch free movies on movierulz4 anytime.


It was released at the same date in the same year as Denis Villenueve’s ArrivalAnnihilation was not quite as successful in terms of popular culture. However, it’s an engrossing story about biologist (Natalie Portman) who, in search of husband (Oscar Issac) encounters a terrifying interdimensional phenomenon in which they and their team are able to discover mutant species as well as emotional trauma. A film that twists its way to reveal the ultimate twist in the final moments, Annihilation is a successful attempt to explain the awe-inspiring and also provides an exercise to your brain.


The film, which once more has brought back Eddie Murphy at his comedic best. Dolemite is My Name is a film that, like the story it tells it takes an idea that is out of the ordinary and then takes the idea until it comes to. With a stellar cast which includes actors such as Wesley Snipes, Craig Robinson, Keegan Michael-Key and Chris Rock, Dolemite is my Name is a hilarious and perfect film for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.


I must confess. Even though the film was in the spotlight because of its controversial nature following its huge run at Cannes and was expected as an Oscar popular. yet it was not even considered in India I haven’t was able to see it. The recent passing of Irrfan Kharbanda made me go to the theater and immediately regret not having seen it prior to now. A heartwarming tale of romance that began due to confusion in lunchboxes The film is subtle at its finest. Irrfan Khan Nimrat Kaur, as well as Nawazuddin Siddiqui, are all great in their roles. However, it’s his late character who takes the spotlight. He is present throughout the movie and will keep you entertained and is one I’m looking forward to showing to anyone who’s not seen it yet. Thank you Netflix.


Some might say Some would say that The Irishman could be too long. After a short performance on the stage (for the Oscars) The Irishman was released on Netflix and won. With a stellar ensemble cast that comprised Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin, Harvey Keital and Ray Romano, The Irishman is a colossal addition to director Martin Scorsese’s vast collection of action-packed crime movie.


The experience of watching Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe was unique experience. I vividly remember watching the stunning trailer before thinking what the film is going to be. Thanks for Vijay Sethupathi whose role as Shilpa made the most of this ensemble.


A straightforward tale of love and marriage told by two artists who are both ambitious, Marriage Story succeeds due to its stunning acting and a nuanced screenplay. With Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in lead roles, Marriage Story is a direct reflection of its actors and how they are able to capture every moment. Produced by Noah Baumbach, Marriage Story is the perfect Netflix movie for a Saturday night and will delight your guests in awe. Be on the lookout at Laura Dern who deservingly took home an Oscar for her work as a supporting character.


The miniseries that won her an Emmy Award was released before When they meet us The documentary by Ava Duverney is 13th is an enthralling film about Black History. concentrated on .the prisons in America. With some great conversations, 13th is full of information that will make you awestruck and is important to see in this day and age.the current Black Lives Matter movement brought it back to the spotlight and it is now one of the top-rated films on Netflix. You can watch such great movies by my5 tv activate on your tv anytime.


One of the most famous examples of movies that we’d never seen, if not available on Netflix is Oscar movie winner. director Bong Joon-Ho’s previous masterpieces. Okja that also features big names such as Tilda Swinton. Jake Gyllenhal is a generous serving of joy and warmth that turns dark unexpectedly. A tale of a tiny girl named Mija and her frightfully large animal companion. Okja is an enthralling fable of the pitfalls of greed and morality and will certainly make you think about the most fundamental actions you take. Unmissable.


A dark, suffocating tale of Howard Ratner — played by Adam Sandler in a role unlike any other the high-octane story can make you feel uncomfortable. and even angry with the protagonist who keeps making a bad choice after another. The film kind of develops to a massive climax that creates one of the greatest scenes of the climax in recent times. The final twenty minutes in the film ought to be displayed in museum of cinemas in the near future for ideas on how to create an entire scene.

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