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Motorcycle battery: removal and charging

If your motorcycle battery is empty,electric scooters for teenagers you can also charge it when installed. But here the ignition can cause problems when switched on. Therefore, if you want to charge your motorcycle battery, you should remove the motorcycle battery. After that, hold the motorcycle battery under a warm jet of water and clean it is best with a root brush. Be sure to let it dry well before you start charging.

As soon as the motorcycle battery has completely dried, first, remove all plugs of the acid battery and clamp it to the motorcycle battery charger – first the positive pole, then the negative pole. Make sure that the cables are not severely bent. Turn on the charger and pay attention to the manufacturer’s voltage specifications. After completion, disconnect first the negative and then the positive pole again.

Of course, it’s not enough to remove your motorcycle battery – you also have to reinstall it. Wait at least half an hour after the charging process is complete.

In a motorcycle battery test, you will also learn how to reinstall the charged starter batteries for the motorcycle after the full charge. The battery box is often located under the motorcycle seat. The installation position depends on the type of your motorcycle battery. With acid batteries, you have to pay attention to a vertical installation position, with a modern motorcycle battery 12v or motorcycle battery 6v you can also install the battery upside down.

Buying advice for motorcycle batteries: How to find the right model

Which battery is suitable for your cheap electric stakeboards also depends on your individual wishes. In a motorcycle battery test, you can see how many volts motorcycle batteries have, what the tolerance to overcharging is, or how heavy it should be. We have listed some important purchase criteria in key points:

  • Capacity in ah
  • Cold test current in a
  • Voltage in v
  • Dimensions in cm
  • Weight in kg
  • Monthly self-discharge
  • State of charge during storage
  • Tolerance to overload
  • Operating temperature

Low price comes with high maintenance

In current motorcycle battery tests from the current year 2022, it becomes clear how different the pricing of motorcycle batteries is. The cheapest are lead-acidic motorcycle batteries. Here, for example, you can get a motorcycle battery of 12v 12ah for as little as 15 euros. If you want to save yourself a time-consuming cleaning and maintenance program, go to the test winners of a motorcycle battery test. These are usually of very high quality but also cost between 100 and 250 euros.

The First load completely, then refill

If you have a lead-acid motorcycle battery with removable plugs, only use distilled water when refilling the solution. Tap water, but also battery acid can irreparably damage the battery. Also, only fill up to the maximum after charging, because the liquid still expands during this time.

Tip: Wear gloves and goggles when replacing or refilling. A motorcycle battery contains corrosive sulfuric acid, which can cause health problems.

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