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Ministry Of External Affairs Apostille Attestation: Everything That You Need To Know

The Ministry of external affairs (MEA) is the Central Government body that is responsible for the management of every foreign activity or affair related to India. It also authenticates various India-issued documents that are required in a foreign country. An individual must acquire a stamp of MEA for any documents that are going to be required in a foreign nation.

The process of certificate Apostille is a complex and time-consuming procedure. It involves various dos and don’ts. Hence it is recommendable for you to take assistance from an MEA Apostille Services who can guide you throughout the process till the end when you get the stamp you are seeking on your documents.

What Is MEA Certificate Apostille Attestation?

MEA Certificate Attestation Apostille means obtaining a verification stamp that proves the authenticity of your documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, employment certificate, and so on. Deals with activities that are involved with India as we are with any foreign country. Hence, when you are seeking for a certificate apostille in India, it becomes mandatory for you to seek approval of authentication from the Ministry of External Affair.

Why Do I Need MEA Attestation?

A Certificate Attestation can be required for various causes. These causes can be either residential visas, educational visas, or work visas as well. Whenever you are visiting a country for certain reasons and you are required to live a certain period in that foreign country you will have to submit the MEA Attestation to prove that you are worthy and meet the standards of that country to reside in it. Certificate Apostille is also required when you apply for a foreign visa or for other objectives that involve embassy authentication.

How Do I Apply For MEA Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is a complex process and it involves various steps that are hardly possible if you try to do it on your own. Furthermore, even a small error in documents might result in the declination of MEA Certificate Apostille. Hence, it is highly suggestible that you opt for MEA Apostille Services. These MEA Apostille Services are well experienced and professional so they can provide you with the necessary knowledge and assistance throughout the process leaving no room for error.

MEA Certificate Attestation Procedure

MEA Certificate Attestation is the final process of getting a stamp on your Document. Before you opt for MEA Certificate Attestation, you are required to go through several stages to ensure the authentication of your documents.

Regional Level: it is the primary stage of certificate attestation. It is done solely by the organization or institute from where the documents have been issued.

State Attestation: The authentication of the documents in the state is performed by 3 individual organizations, depending on the types of the attestation you require. These organizations are,

  • State Home Department (SHD)
  • Human Resource Department (HRD)
  • Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM)

MEA Attestation: Once you go through the initial process of authentication, you can apply for MEA Certificate Apostille, which is the last process that is required to authenticate your documents.


Certificate Apostille is a necessity for every individual who intends to live in a foreign country for a certain amount of time. However, applying for a certificate Apostille from MEA is a complex process so make sure to find the right MEA Apostille Services who can assist you throughout the entire process.

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