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Mice Control in Brampton to Keep Mice Away from Your Car

Have you ever wondered why mice go into the engine bay? Besides, mice can make our lives miserable when they infest our homes in Brampton. Mice usually infest properties in search of food and shelter, similar to many other pests. Our vehicles also offer them the perfect opportunity to find food and shelter. For the same reason, you can find mice in your car engine compartment. Hiring professionals, such as Pesticon, aids in mice control in Brampton. Moreover, there are also ways to avoid mice from making their way into your car engine compartment.

How Much Damage Mice Can Cause to a Car and Engine Compartment?

Manufacturers have been using natural and biodegradable materials for the past 15 years to make cars. Soy that manufacturers use to produce cushion foam, interior carpeting, and wire insulation is great for the environment. Nevertheless, the aforementioned products are irresistible to mice; as a result, mice infest cars and give headaches to car owners. When mice start living in a car, you can notice tell-tale signs and damage that mice have left behind. You may notice the following signs if mice start living in your car:

  1. Nibbled plastic & padding
  2. Mice droppings, rubbish, and mice footprints in and around the vehicle
  3. Nesting with possible reproducing
  4. Chewed-up wires that may lead to shortages  
  5. Animal bacteria and dander in the air filter that may lead to health hazards
  6. Debris and litter build-up in the engine compartment that may lead to a choked-up engine.

Mice gnaw on wires, not for food but to keep their teeth sharp and in shape. Moreover, repairing a car when mice damage it costs enough money. Additionally, sharing your area with rodents, such as mice, instantly puts you at risk of attracting viruses and diseases. Hantavirus, Sole Virus, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis, to name some.  These diseases may transmit through dander and excrement particles when you breathe in inside the car. Taking precautionary measures can help you keep mice out of the car engine compartment.

How to Keep Mice from Your Car Engine Compartment

The engine bay is where you don’t want rodents nesting in. Nevertheless, it appeals to mice because it is warm, dark, and hidden. Further, you cannot do much about these conditions except to keep your care engine compartment clean and sealed. Doing the following things can help car owners with mice control in Brampton to keep mice away from their cars:

Parking Car in a Clean Area: 

Parking a car in a garage or a storage space with a rodent problem can put your car at risk. If you are already encountering a rodent problem, placing mouse traps or using peppermint can discourage mice from getting close to it. On the other hand, you should always place your car in a clean area to keep mice away from it.

Remain Cautious in the Winter & Cold Weather: 

A car engine compartment can likely attract mice in the cold weather or winter to infest it. Thus, you should always check for rodent presence around the engine compartment in cold weather before turning it on.

Make Sure You Don’t Keep Food and Packaging inside the Car: 

Mice are exceptionally good at finding food sources, and you shouldn’t make their hunt for food even easier. A ketchup packet can lure the mice into your car and consequently into the engine compartment. You should beware of where you leave your pet food or birdseed, for the same reason.

Cut down Shrubbery: 

You shouldn’t park your car close to greenery, and also cut down any nearby shrubbery if present. Greenery offers mice a place to hide and increases the chances of putting your car at the risk of a rodent infestation.

Take Advantage of Copper Wires: 

You can use copper wires to cover the openings of your car engine compartment. Mice don’t like the taste of copper, so they don’t gnaw on anything made out of it. More often than not, mice get into the car engine compartment with the aid of the air ventilation system and evaporation drain tubes. Smaller mice can also sneak through the hood insulation and finally into the engine compartment. Make sure you also consult a mechanic while sealing the engine compartment of your car.

Check for Signs of Mice Regularly: 

Look for signs, such as smells, sounds, and popping up the hood occasionally to examine the engine compartment for any signs of nesting like food stored in the airbox.    

Contact Professionals: 

If nothing helps you keep mice away from the car engine compartment, contact professionals to avoid worsening mice infestation. Professionals will implement the most appropriate treatment while using the best equipment.


Mice can rarely get into a car engine compartment that car owners clean, maintain, and use. More often than not, mice look for vehicles that offer them easy access. Taking preventive measures can aid car owners in keeping mice away from their car engine compartments. However, car owners always count on professionals for mice control in Brampton if preventive measures don’t help them against mice.

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