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Local BUILDER and REMODELING Expert San Jose, CA

Everybody wants to improve your home at some moment. It’s an excellent option to make some adjustments to add some excitement, as well as ensure that the home meets your needs. If you need an expert general contractor for your home in San Jose, CA 95125 it is important to get the most reliable.

1st Choice Builders we’re here for you to assist with your needs. While we’re located situated in San Jose, CA 95112 we also serve people in areas like the Bay Area and other areas.

We’re a family-owned company that will put in the time to complete your project. With our years of experience, you’ll know that you’re working with an experienced general contractor who can assist you with all your requirements. You want the most reliable contractor to ensure that your work is done correctly. If you select an authorized general contractor such as us, you will receive the most efficient service for construction project. Construction is going strongand it’s the perfect moment to alter your plans or to create something completely innovative.

That means you can acquire everything you need to your home. We are able to handle any job regardless of whether it’s big or small. In fact you can rely on us for any smaller issue to avoid the stress and anxiety of managing these issues. If you require construction services We’re there to assist!


Here at 1st Choice Builders we specialize in capturing our customers’ vision and transforming it into a reality. We offer everything you require to build that dream house from the beginning. Beginning with design, architect, and engineer. We’ll take the blue print to be approved by the city , and get the permits, so you aren’t dealing with the headaches. Our designer will help to put on the final elements, helping you select paint cabinets, counter tops, or flooring. With First Choice Builders, each one of our projects will be overseen by the services of a project manager. The website is visited by the manager of each project every day so that you are kept informed of the development of the project. We are accessible to our customers 24 hours per day all week long. See More Here.


Our main focus is offering you the highest quality construction services. We must be attentive to the details of the kitchen remodel. The projects will vary because they are based on your specific requirements. Our full-service company is always available to assist with the specific task you have in mind. When you select 1st Choice Builders to be your kitchen remodeling contractors you can be sure to receive the finest service possible. We’ve completed a number of projects before, and we’re able to assist with small kitchen remodeling to make it appear bigger.

While you’re focusing on the cost of remodeling your kitchen however, you’re aware that your kitchen remodel needs to be able to meet your demands. Construction is the top choice for kitchen remodels and we ensure that the materials used in construction are top-quality. Select us as your kitchen construction contractors to make sure that your construction project is done correctly. So, you can relax once the work is completed. With our years of experience, your building project will improve the quality of your home and ease your worries and anxiety. There is no need to wait long to start your project. We’re here to assist So, contact us now!


Residents of San Jose, CA, or near by will require contractors to remodel bathrooms for different tasks at some point. If you’ve always wanted to remodel your bathroom near me we have construction services readily available to help with your task. We can assist with bathroom remodels that will ensure your bathroom is stunning.

Construction could include a range of different things that are needed for a bathroom remodel. Most likely, you’ll require a bathroom remodel simultaneously, but you may also need to improve the quality of your flooring, tile, or exhaust system. As bathroom builders we’re here to ensure that the project is completed smoothly.

If you’re looking to complete a bathroom remodel, that’s our forte. It requires a variety of construction materials, however, we assure you that we will aid you in staying within your the budget. Make sure to consider remodeling your master bathroom. This is your home and you’d like to have everything you’ve thought of.

If space is an issue and you are looking for a bathroom remodel, a smaller one could be the best option. It will give you more space to unwind and relax. Whatever type of bathroom remodel you’ll need it is important to consider the cost of remodeling your bathroom. Make use of our construction services and you’ll be amazed at our capacity to minimize costs while providing solutions and suggestions when it is possible.

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