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Lifting The Veil- What Differentiates Preschool from Primary School?

“A quality education is all about providing your young one a well-rounded curriculum, but how would you provide also make a huge difference,” says Rishita- a young mother who recently enrolled her child in primary school.

Whether your child’s transition to school was full of tears of joy or cries of separation, as a parent you are very unlikely to forget the first day of primary school. It seems like yesterday when they could not even walk let alone you were the only name they could speak of. Now, with this new start in their lives, they are about to get immersed in their all-day school schedule, new friends, and teachers.

As a parent, it is important to recognize the right age to send your children to school, but what is more important is to understand the difference between primary school and preschool to give your children a valuable lesson that will change their lives.

Preschool vs. Primary school: what is the difference?

From the outer look, both preschool and primary school can look similar but the deeper you dig the more you learn. However, right before you send them to the best primary school. you need to comprehend what changes your child will experience emotionally as well as physically. Plus, between the primary school, and preschool Noida, which one is more suitable for your little one:

Can your child read?

Face it, parents- the landscape of education has completely transformed in the last 10 years- it is not just the way it was back in your days. If you honestly answer, most of us were not being able to read at such a young age. But now? Your child is expected to not only read but write as well before entering primary school.  

So, if your child has already gone through this basic learning phase in preschool Noida and can now read and write simple sentences, then he can easily get placed in one of the best primary schools. Otherwise, be prepared to sleeve up and prepare to home tuition your kid for hours.

It is independence that matters

The key differences between primary school and preschool lie in their teachers. While pre-primary or preschool tend to have more nurturing teachers, primary schools are solely focused on making your child independent by learning to do things on their own.

Of course, primary teachers are kind enough to forgive your child’s clumsy mistakes like spilling water, small fights and even toilet misshaping- the kid is indeed small and accidents can happen anytime. But you need to understand, along with your kid, there will be around 30 more students in the same class to deal with, NOT to forget they have got a whole syllabus to complete. So, don’t expect your kid to be a baby the way he was in preschool.

Micromanaging- does your child still need it?

The cutthroat competition lies in the environment of primary school and whether you want to believe it or not your child is about to enter the world of heavy school bags, homework, extra-curricular activities, and timetables.

As he is now in a completely different league, he has to deal with everything- right from completing homework on time to carrying all the books along with lunch boxes. The least you can do here is for your child to take care of things he carries in his bag by going through them one by one and if necessary, start labeling them all.

Time table, and recess

As your child is about to finish preschool in Noida and enter the best primary school out there, make sure you are preparing him to manage his time accordingly with timetables and recess. The best way to do it is by pointing out all the pitfalls that he may encounter, i.e., if he is a slow eater or feels thirsty here and there. Pack him an easy lunch with a water bottle and remind him to go to the bathroom during recess. Primary school hours are longer than preschool hours- so it is more tiring and your child may feel hungry or thirsty more frequently.

In the end, the change is not exactly 180 degrees but the vast difference between primary school and preschool will indeed help your child take a step further in his journey. New challenges merged with experiences can build character for both your child and yourself. However, you need to make sure both you and your child are open to mistakes and no matter how tempting it is to give up, you guys need to keep moving. Moreover, if you are still finalising the preschool or primary school for your young one then, feel free to visit Global Indian International School today! 

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