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Kanat Sultanbekov On the Significance of Communication and Collaboration For Construction Projects 

Effective communication with coordination is the key to staying on schedule for the successful completion of construction projects. Communication helps you adjust your plan before problems snowball into something huge that will cause you to miss the delivery deadline. Every project manager must establish protocols and procedures for workers to stay informed, especially when they are behind with the work or are experiencing project delays.

  • Kanat Sultanbekov– communication helps you to share information with everyone 

Kanat Sultanbekov is an experienced and skilled construction manager from New York known for his exemplary leadership skills and tracks records for completing projects on time. He emphasizes safety to ensure no errors are made even when tasks are done for the first time.

Regarding communication and coordination for construction projects, the manager needs to determine the means and how often information should be shared with the team. When problems surface every manager should work with the team to keep the project within its timeline.

Effective communication boosts teamwork, resulting in improved collaboration on the job site. The manager can troubleshoot project delays and enhance productivity with the team.

  • Collaboration implies relationship building

Project collaboration is not limited to the idea of getting the tasks finished in time; it goes beyond creating solid relationships with stakeholders based on respect and trust. All the parties involved should work together to complete the project in time. As a project manager, you should be able to coordinate and cooperate reasonably with others to maintain the timely completion and delivery of your project.

  • Accelerate problem resolution 

When you share expertise and ideas, you can boost problem resolution on the Jobsite. Collaboration goes together with communication to keep everyone on the site informed and on the same page. This process also entails that everyone on the site is trusted, and they all have an integral role in completing the project on time.

  • Progress of the project should be monitored and documented

Maintain daily records to keep track of the project’s progress. Monitor every task to know whether you are on schedule or not. Identify any red flags that might pose potential delays in the project. Evaluate your master schedule to check whether your actual timeline is being met or whether you should make changes to prevent delays.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, as a project manager, you must pay attention to parts of the work you have overlooked or completed before the schedule. Take time to determine their causes with the master schedule to look for discrepancies. You can also compare the current project to your past performances on similar projects to get an assessment. This step helps you to enhance the plans and schedule for future projects.

You should review daily reports and identify various aspects of the project where you are behind schedule. Though the master schedule is a good action plan, it is rare for construction managers to execute a project that adheres precisely to their master schedules.

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