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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services help ameliorate the growth of every business. Here is a list of benefits IVR services offers for businesses.

  • Increase First Contact Resolution: It significantly increases first contact resolution, as the callers are directed to the best-suited agents based on the particular queries. The agent who receives the call will be the best qualified to answer the specific queries of the customers and there will be less possibility to transfer the call to any other agents.
  • Customer Service efficiency is increased: By using IVR services, the agents who work in a company are more proficient at solving particular problems and meeting the particular needs of the customers that they are assigned. It results in customer satisfaction and an increase in customer service efficiency.
  • Reduce Operational Costs: IVR systems reduce the need for a customer service agent and replace a receptionist who answers calls and directs calls to the agents. As IVR services are available at a lower cost, it becomes affordable and helps in increasing efficiency, and reducing operational costs.
  • Increases Professionalism: IVR solutions can be used to greet every customer in a very professional manner and in a personalized way that helps build trust with the customers.

In order to avail of these IVR services, there are an ample number of IVR service providers in India. For a business trying to figure out which IVR service to approach, this is the right post for them. Research on the best IVR service providers is done and curated a list to make choices much easier. To help with the business calls, here are the top IVR providers listed below:

  • Knowlarity: Knowlarity is the building block that helps businesses to stay in touch with touch effectively with their customers via calls and SMS. It is a cloud telephony platform trusted by more than 6000 organizations across 65 countries.

Features of Knowlarity:

  1. Multi-Lingual Support: It offers multi-lingual support to every customer with customized Hindi, English, and regional custom message.
  2. 24*7 customer service: Uninterrupted 24*7 customer support is being offered via recorded messages and also instant query resolution is provided.
  3. Customizable Menu: It enables to customize call flow with a categorized menu attached to several sub-menu options to assist the customers in navigating their queries. There are several other features like call routing, concurrent calls, and call recording, which provide the best of the services for businesses of all sizes.
  4. Exotel: It is another cloud telephony platform trusted by more than 1300 plus organizations of all sizes. It is also a building block of satisfaction and trust for customers through calls and SMS.

Features of Exotel: Personalized IVR, multi-level IVR, IVR menu customization, recording, unlimited channels, and channel capacity, real-time notification, automated calls, and SMS, daily emails, and reports, visual drag and drop APIs, and conditional call routing.

  • Microtel: It enables people to reach each other, businesses for a new market, and everyone to accomplish their potential. Across India, Microtel offers Voice SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Bulk Text SMS services for everyone and particularly for businesses.

Features include: read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet, text to speech, record, sound, Web API call, DTMF, Call transfers, conference, and multi-lingual greetings.

  • Ozonetel: It believes in establishing intelligent cloud telephony solutions. Ozonetel assumes that communication is not required to be as complex as it appears to be. Their primary offerings include brand agents and cloud agents that simplify, redefine, and enhance the way businesses communicate, enhance and connect with their customers.

Features offered are, easily configure messages, web-based IVR solutions, multi-level IVR systems, skill-based routing, mobility, barge in and call monitoring, priority routing, real-time dashboards, and reports.

  • IVR Guru: It provides easy control of clients including the employees.  IVR Guru helps in accelerating businesses with a faster rate and less effort.

Features offered, B2B lead generation, virtual phone number, customer lead management, lead grading, lead identification, lead distribution, employee tracking system, and lead nurturing.

  • Phonon. in: It is a leader and pioneer in offering instant call-connect solutions as well as incorporating click-to-call. An enterprise-ready customer communication solution is being built by phonon service, that is platform-independent. These allow users to communicate with the company’s representatives with the help of easy web callbacks and gathering information at their fingertips.

Features include, key-press allows flexibitly to record customer response, Pan India Presence, NDNC compliance, campaign tracking, and reporting, unrivaled security measures, multi-lingual support, and ready-made APIs.

  • Pulse: Pulse is the heartbeat of voice communications. The advent of pulse in the Indian market was in 2003 as an internet service provider and internet telephony service provider. Since its inception, there is a significant rise as shown in the statistical graph of growth.

Features: agents can deal with more complex queries, improved customer service, lower cost, service with chosen language, availability of call logs for auditing, performance report, and future enhancement.

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