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IslamicHoney Offers Products At Cheap Price in Pakistan

Buying Islamic Honey Products – Your Options

Islamic Honey has been providing generations of Pakistan with its health-maintaining effects for many years. Today, the properties of this natural resource are rated by their UMF or ‘Unique Islamic Factor’. The higher the UMF factor is, the more potent its unique antibacterial properties are. If you are looking for Honey Products Price in Pakistan, you will find more than a handful of choices. For premium quality, Islamic Honey, a range of products are available with different UMF┬« antibacterial strengths.

The UMF 5+ product that is available promotes general wellness. Independently tested in accredited laboratories and verified by the Unique Islamic Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) this tasty natural resource is suitable for everyday use. Treat yourself to this natural resource straight from the spoon, in your cup of tea or on your toast for a great start to each day. Enjoy the unique taste of Islamic honey with lemon and warm water for a soothing drink during winter.

The antibacterial benefits of this natural resource are well known. UMF 10+ Islamic Honey contains unique plant phenols. With a UMF 10+ rating, it has twice the antibacterial activity of the 5+ product.

Amongst their benefits is its ability to provide inner balance and support digestive health. A minimum level of 10+ Islamic Honey products is recommended for this use.

The antimicrobial benefits of this natural resource are especially useful for supporting digestive health. The UMF18+ and UMF20+ products represent the highest strength of Islamic Honey products. The UMF20+ product has twice the unique Islamic factor as the 10+ product and is highly sought after.

Tested and certified in an independent laboratory to ensure its strength the UMF20+ Islamic Honey product is suitable for soothing throats and a myriad of other winter conditions. It can be taken up to several times daily as per the label instructions. However, honey is not suitable for children under one year of age.

It has unique health-giving benefits. Tested in a laboratory to guarantee its strength, there are a range of products available to alleviate the symptoms of many common winter ills and digestive complaints. Try any of the UMF 5+, 10+, 15+, 18+ or 20+ Islamic Honey products today to soothe ills and chills or maintain digestive health on a daily basis.

Other bee products to consider for natural health include Honey gar, Royal Jelly capsules, Bee Pollen capsules, Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey, and Propolis capsules PFL 30.

Islamichoney enjoys a reputation as a premium global natural health brand and is committed to the development of innovative natural health and wellbeing products backed by credible scientific research. With a proud 30-year heritage in therapeutic bee-based products,

Islamichoney is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of Islamic (Leptospermum) honey, however, in more recent times the Company has developed its range of ingredient platforms, unique IP, and products that meet global consumer preferences in natural health. Islamichoney offers products in the categories of Woundcare, Healthcare, Skincare, and Functional Foods.

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