Is Water a Solution To Everything?

Besides love and care, growing kids require ample nutrients and supplements to thrive and grow. During the month of summer, school children are at a high risk of getting affected by de-hydration. Parents can pack a sipper bottle in their backpacks to prevent that from happening. Not only children, but even adults can carry them to their office and gym. The nozzle attached at the top of such bottles lets people gulp water down without spilling it on themselves accidentally. That is why they are preferred by kids and adults alike. They can be purchased in many exciting designs and colors.

Here is a thing about bottles: you can gift them to just anyone without worrying about whether you are making the right choice for a gift because, everyone drinks water! A customised bottle can also be given as a promotional gift item. The usability of this item cannot be doubted. People from different age groups require different water intake, therefore, such bottles are manufactured in various liquid holding capacities. You can order bottles in different sizes ranging from 180 ml to 14 Liters. For a small child, who has just made his body accustomed to drinking water on his own, can be given a personalized bottle of his own to let him get habitual of it. With online shopping services, you will be able to find a sipper online.

Body Function & Energy Level

Water is distributed all over our body through cells and blood. When there is a lack of water inside our body, our blood starts to get thicker and we start experiencing high blood pressure. The supply of water to various parts of the body gets affected too. You may start noticing a decline in your energy levels. Even a task as simple as climbing a staircase will feel extremely exhausting. Our eyes will start losing moisture and they will start turning red and irritated. Basically, our body functions will start deteriorating. 

Healthy Skin 

A clear and bright skin is desired by many. No one wants dry and dull looking skin. Lack of water can cause our skin to lose its moisture and appear cracked or dry. With dryness comes itchiness. Over time, we start noticing wrinkles and fine lines on our skin. We can make our skin soft and supple by making sure to drink adequate quantities of water. It can be ensured by keeping a water bottle filled with clean drinking water close by. 


If we are not eating a balanced diet (rich in nutrients and water content) and not consuming enough water to allow the food to digest properly, then we are unknowingly welcoming diseases in our body. Not providing our digestive system with water will lead to constipation and excessive acidity in our stomach. Constipation can further lead to other painful ailments. Having an acidic stomach can result in conditions like Gastritis, heart burn, acid reflux, bloating and stomach ulcers. Even without the above mentioned reasons, we need to drink water for the fact alone that is absolutely necessary for us to stay alive. 

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