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Is shared hosting good for ecommerce?

When it comes to one of the most cost effective web hosting solution people always look after Shared Hosting solutions. Shared Hosting has become so popular that most beginners choose Low Cost Shared hosting than that of expensive dedicated type of hosting. The cost efficiency and satisfactory performance of shared hosting makes it a priority for website beginners. However, nothing comes without any limitations and this is the reason why experts do not recommend shared hosting when your website starts growing and generates more traffic.

Especially if we talk about an Ecommerce website it requires more resources than that of any other types of website. A Web Hosting platform plays a very important role if you are thinking of starting an ecommerce store and want to run it successfully. Choosing the right type of web hosting plan can help you to prevent losing the potential customers of your store. For most of the starting level ecommerce websites shared hosting is one of the most attractive options. Let’s start this blog by knowing about what is shared hosting:

Shared Hosting 

As the name suggests, shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites are present on the same server, sharing the resources. Server resources like RAM, Storage, CPU and Bandwidth are shared by multiple websites to operate online. Low Cost Shared Hosting is the best type of hosting solution to go online when you are a beginner.  You can easily manage a shared hosting account without having deep technical knowledge in addition it is managed by a web hosting provider. 

We recommend before choosing a shared hosting plan for your ecommerce store know about the core advantages and disadvantages of it. Low cost shared hosting is the best option to start your ecommerce store. However, we cannot estimate how long it will stay as a best option as you need to shift to an upgrade plan to run your site more peacefully. The limited resources present on shared hosting plans can make it one of the retreating factors as soon as your website grows. 

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Benefits of Choosing Shared Hosting for your ecommerce site

Cost Effective Solution 

A business requires a huge amount of capital while starting a business. An owner tries to reduce the cost with respect to earning profit. Shared Hosting is one of the cheapest forms of Hosting by which a site owner can save a huge cost. 

Reducing the Risk Factor

As shared hosting does not require a huge amount of cost, you do not spend much on a web hosting solution. Hence, in case your website does not stand upon your expected marketed area you would not regret spending much in your online business. 


Unlike other types of web hosting solutions Low cost shared hosting solutions do not require deep technical knowledge to manage your website. It is easy to set up and comes with a control panel that has an easy to use interface to manage your website present on the server. 

Flexible Solution

Flexibility is one of the benefits of shared hosting: one can easily switch onto upgrades as soon as a site grows without any hassles. 

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Things to remember while choosing Shared Hosting for Ecommerce 

Shared Hosting plans can be an ideal choice for beginners but the ideal factor can affect your site if you ignore the important things before choosing the right plan for your site. Here are some important things that you should look after before choosing shared hosting. 

 Admin Access

Shared hosting is known for its easy to manage advantage. Web hosting providers generally provide an easy to access admin panel. That allows you to upload new files and access site data with ease. 

Support Facility 

Make sure the web hosting provider offers you high quality support so that you can connect with them if you face an issue regarding your site.


Shared hosting plans are generally considered cheap. Before buying shared hosting, compare different web hosting providers and their web hosting plans and select the best plan out of the pool. 

High Performance 

Performance guarantee by the web hosting provider is a must when it comes to hosting your website. 

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting 

Ecommerce stores mainly require more server resources than that of other types of websites. As it requires storing images, videos and graphics, shared hosting is best when your website is at the initial stage. You need to go for updates when your site starts receiving a huge amount of traffic. However, most of the ecommerce sites prefer dedicated hosting as it provides more functionality and service as compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting is definitely not suited to high traffic websites. High Traffic websites prefer dedicated hosting as they are highly secure than shared hosting and they are also capable of providing high performance to websites. 

So, Firstly shared hosting is incapable of handling website load when a website starts generating high traffic and then it requires more resources that shared hosting fails to provide. You need certain plan upgrades to ease down the website. Secondly, security is one of the main limitations why shared hosting is not opted by many website owners. You need to take care of security in shared hosting at the best level. 

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In conclusion, shared hosting is the best option when it comes to the initial stage of an ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites require more security as it involves confidential transactions. In addition, it requires more storage and uptime to provide the customer more authenticity. By shared hosting you can take your website online at the most affordable cost. Hostnetindia provides all types of web services at the most affordable rates. 

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