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iPhone Repair Is Cheap, You Must Go with It

You can replace an iPhone battery, screen, speakers, etc. if you have the skills to do it. Nevertheless, leaving the job of iPhone repair to professionals is a safe deal for iPhone users. It looks like Apple has made iPhones for replacements considering the problems they encounter with time. Within a couple of years, iPhone batteries start fading. Plus, Apple’s extended warranty isn’t for the long term. Additionally, breaking iPhone screens is a common happening with iPhone users. Let us have a look at the most common issues with iPhones:

Battery Draining: 

Battery draining is the most common problem that iPhone users face. Even new iPhones encounter this problem. Battery draining also decreases its life with time unless an iPhone user uses an iPhone with care. Therefore, a dead iPhone battery results over a period of a year or more when iPhone users don’t use their iPhones cautiously. 20% loss of charge capacity of a battery within 2 years of an iPhone usage is anticipated as per Apple. iPhones have nonremovable batteries. Therefore, counting on professionals for battery replacement is a safe & cheap alternative over DIY battery replacement. 

Screen Replacement:

Broken iPhone screens are the result of the fall of an iPhone to the floor because of an accident. iPhone screen repair is tricky and also consumes loads of time. Nevertheless, iPhone users buy an iPhone screen repair kit to try and fix their broken iPhone screens. They watch tutorials and videos to fix an iPhone screen, yet they rarely replace an iPhone screen successfully. The reason is: iPhone users aren’t professionals at iPhone repair, and they harm the device more with DIY repairs. Thus, fixing an iPhone on one’s own isn’t cheaper as compared to professional repair.        

Water Damage:

Water damage is also a common problem that iPhone users can face. Additionally, water-damaged iPhones can become completely dead or won’t repair, too. It can happen because water damage can corrode the components of an iPhone and make an iPhone completely dead. Some DIY tricks exist to fix water-damaged iPhones, yet they may fix the device temporarily. 

On the other hand, professionals understand water damage devices, such as water-damaged iPhones, better than anyone. Some iPhone technicians won’t fix water-damaged iPhones, whereas those who do won’t give you a 100% guarantee for the fix. Yet, reputable iPhone technicians can successfully revive water-damaged iPhones. 

Why Can’t You Fix an iPhone Yourself?

iPhones have advanced with time, and repairing newer iPhones is more difficult than previous iPhone models. iPhones have complex circuitry that one cannot understand without any knowledge to repair iPhones. iPhone technicians are certified professionals for the job, and they have access to OEM parts. Therefore, iPhone technicians can fix iPhones in no time and safely, too. Contrarily, you aren’t an iPhone technician and don’t know the safe way to conduct repairing an iPhone. Hence, leaving the job to fix an iPhone in the hands of iPhone technicians is the right thing to do.

AppleCare+ to Repair an iPhone

You can fix an iPhone damage for cheap if you have an AppleCare+. Typically, Apple repairs are big-ticket but not with this warranty. However, Apple repairs take time, in contrast to third-party iPhone repairs. Thus, iPhone users don’t like Apple repairs. Yet, one must avail of the warranty if one has it to fix an iPhone via Apple repair for cheap. 


You can replace an iPhone screen, battery, speakers, or more if you have the expertise to do it. Still, leaving the job of iPhone repair to professionals is the right thing to do. Here are some of the common issues that iPhone users encounter with their iPhones over time:

  1. A dead battery or fast-draining battery. As a result, iPhone users have to opt for battery replacement.
  2. Broken iPhone screen. Consequently, iPhone users have to replace their damaged iPhone screens. 
  3. Water damage. It is the most serious iPhone damage that professionals may fail to fix, based on iPhone internal damage.

iPhones are complex smartphones, and iPhone users don’t understand iPhone internal circuitry like iPhone technicians. On the other hand, professionals understand iPhones better than anyone. Plus, they can fix iPhones safely and cheaply for iPhone users, in contrast to DIY iPhone fixes. Thus, professional repairs are cheap for iPhone users, and they must go with it.  

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