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Introducing the AiCloud settings of the Asus AX3000 Router

The Asus AX3000 Router is a smart dual-band wifi 6 wireless router. Moreover, the smart wifi router also supports OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. Along with this, it has an Aiprotection pro network in order to enable the high-security mode. In terms of performance, the wireless gaming router is incomparable. It has a different appearance from a standard wireless router device. Besides. It has four non-removable or adjustable antennas. The design of the gaming wireless router is quite impressive and uncomplicated as well. As it is a wifi 6 router that means it has the latest features of the next generation.

As if, the wifi 6 technology helps to boost up the speed of the connected wireless devices. When you establish the Asus ax3000 setup, then you will automatically experience its unique and enhanced features. By using the OFDMA technology, it can be useful for multi-user access. And the MU-MIMO technology supports four client devices and still you get an optimum wifi connection. Also, the gaming router comes with 1024-QAM technology that ensures that you can easily transfer the data over a wifi connection. 

Useful AiCloud settings of the Asus AX3000 Router 

As the Asus AX3000 Router comes with many useful filters that you can enable to get a seamless connection. From its many useful settings, here is one of the important settings of the AiCloud setting. In which it uses a 2.0 cloud service application that simply allows you to share the large media files, or to save, sync, or get access to the files. In order to use the AiCloud services, you need to go through the Google Play Store or Apple Store. So that you can install the Asus AiCloud app on your mobile device. Therefore, connect the mobile device to the secure network connection of the Asus gaming router. Just follow the further steps in order to access the AiCloud settings. 

How to create a Cloud Disk into the Asus Gaming router?

You can enable the AiCloud storage feature that you can access through a PC or other internet-connected devices. Just connect the USB storage device to the Asus wifi router to access the data files directly to the app. You can also use the web browser. Simply create the Cloud disk to the gaming router by inserting a USB storage into the wifi gaming router. 

Just turn on the cloud disk storage. Therefore, visit router.asus.com and enter all the required details into the login page. For a better networking experience, we recommend you to use Chrome or Opera Mini. After that, you are ready to access the Cloud disk files from the storage files of the Asus router. 

How to get smart wifi access with the Asus gaming router?

Well, smart internet access allows you to provide simple access by using the network domain name. In order to turn on the smart access, install the Asus AiCloud app. Well, the app, you will find from the Google or Apple Play Store. After the installation of the app, launch the app on your smartphone. If the Asus router not connecting to internet then you can use smart internet access. Therefore, enter the AiCloud application on the mobile device and then click on the display link to the Samba. After that, enter the account or the password of the computer device. Now you can easily access the files on your AiCloud account.

What is the use of the AiCloud Sync in the Asus wifi router?

As you already know that the AiCloud helps to sync all the media files, important data, and other online content. As well, you can also share from online networking services such as the web store from your home network. Make sure that AiCloud-enabled networks should always be up to date. So that you can access the same file with the same version from anywhere in the world. In order to use the AiCloud sync, visit AiCloud sync and toggle on AiCloud sync. Moreover, you can also add the account by selecting the web storage or dropbox to sync the settings of the router. 

Therefore, you need to enter the account and the password details in the given box. Then click on the browse icon to select the settings that you want to sync with. You can also choose the rule for the Synchronization of the connection of the AiCloud storage. After that enter the security code if you want to set the web storage account. Now click on the application to save the configuration settings into the device. 

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