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Instagram vs YouTube – Which is Best for Influencer Marketing

Most of you are already familiar with the two social media giants, i.e., Instagram and YouTube. Instagram is an image-sharing platform, whereas YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Many businesses prefer both which most of them prefer only one depending upon their goals. However, when it comes to influencer marketing, they have tough competition for the businesses. 

However, it’s interesting to see which is best for influencer making. Here is a head-to-head comparison between the two social platforms.

  • Userbase: Instagram has a userbase of 1 billion people, whereas YouTube has about 2 billion active users.
  • Engagement Rate: In terms of engagement rate, Instagram gives you about 3% engagement rate, whereas YouTube has 18%.
  • Influencer Charges: An Instagram influencer has an average cost of $10 per post/1000 followers, whereas a YouTube influencer costs $20 per post/1000 subscribers.
  • Likes Count: Here, YouTube has average views of 24,343 on their videos, whereas Instagram has 1,542 likes on their posts.

This is the statistical comparison between the two social media giants. Numerous influencers have their presence on both of them; Christina Calph is one such example. However, the question is still the same, i.e., which platform is suitable for your influencer marketing.

YouTube Influencer Marketing:

Undoubtedly, YouTube has a vast user base, almost double the Instagram user base. However, it’s interesting to note that specific niches like beauty, fitness, fashion are the content that is growing aggressively in YouTube videos.

YouTube is a one-stop destination to provide high-quality and evergreen content for the audience. Above all, the content is available in video format, making it available forever. 

So, if your business is planning for branding, Product Launch, expert reviews, and more, YouTube is the perfect place to get into.

Instagram Influencer Marketing:

Instagram has now introduced the video option to enhance its reach to video content creators. This makes it a highly competitive social platform for YouTube. Interestingly, YouTube encourages lengthy content, which is not always good for brands. 

Instead, Instagram has small videos that can be sponsored quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality results. With 1 billion active users, Instagram offers you the IGTV option to upload short videos and engage your audience with the content. For sponsored video ads, Instagram is a better platform than YouTube.

YouTube has only videos option to share with your audience. Nowadays you can even create post and upload short videos (Shorts). Yet, Instagram has a better exposure to images and short videos.

However, if you are considering Instagram for influencer marketing, you should know about the challenges Instagram influencers will face this year. You should plan your influencer marketing strategy accordingly.

Research is always a necessity when putting your significant investment in marketing or collaborating with any influencer. So, this is a comparison between YouTube and Instagram that can help you choose the right social platform for Influencer Marketing. Above all, you can also plan your budget for each of them.

Which one are you going to use for your brand promotion?

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Author Bio: With experience in News Media company for many years with Journalistic Touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into News. Now serving to ‘Netflix Trends’ to serve people with right and original Content.
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