Indian style Puja room designs

Indian style Puja room designs that can pass an auspicious and lively vibe

A Puja room is something that is positioned in each Indian household. And due to Indian beliefs and way of life, people want to maintain this vicinity as pure and adorned all the time. 

You are probably wondering about the manner to make your puja room a unique one. You can use the smallest things in your private home to provide an ornamental look in your puja room.

So, how to turn your puja room in to a beautifully embellished temple? Well, below-mentioned are some of the very best yet most lovely Indian style Puja room designs which could make your puja room look auspicious and beautiful in every sense! 

Flower decorations for puja room

Since puja room decorations are a need in any Indian household, flowers are an exquisite manner to provide your puja room with a beautiful look. You could make strings of different flowers and put them in your puja room behind where all of the idols are positioned. Carnations are utilized by many people as one of the best Indian-style Puja room designs. They might additionally appear nice, stylish, and beautiful in your puja room. 

You also can go together with the conventional flower that is used everywhere in puja room decorations – hibiscus! This flower is used nearly every day by people to enhance their puja room. You can lay some hibiscus flowers on the pandal (stage) wherein all your idols can be positioned. 

Flowers are one hundred percent green and are a pleasant way to enhance your puja room. They have colorful and shiny hues so they carry freshness and joy to the whole environment. Yes, you need to constantly change the flowers every day, however, in case you need to maintain your puja room decorated and incredible, that is an incredible idea!  

Background decorations 

You can turn the background of the puja room, wherein the idols are located, into a well-designed and beautiful background. If you’re seeking out a green idea for the background, opt for drapes. You must be having unique and beautiful sarees that you won’t use anymore, however, they’re in fine condition. You can place that saree in the background of the idols and put a few lighting fixtures over it. It will provide the proper vibe in your puja room. 

You can use long strings of beads and placed them on the back of the idols. It will provide aesthetic and high-quality vibes. You also can blend the beads with a few fairy lighting fixtures if you want to make the background glow and decorate the complete Indian-style Puja room designs

Paper decorations for puja room

Let’s discover the artist in you. Since green decorations are the trending idea these days and are best for the surroundings, why now not use nice belongings to decorate the look of your puja room? If you’re proficient enough, cut out some chart papers of colorful colors, put them collectively, and beautify your puja room with these papers. It will appear extensively lovable. 

If you are not positive about the way to make these flowers and decorations with chart paper, readymade paper flowers are commonly available. These paper plants and designs are available online and are exceptional Indian-style Puja room designs

Lighting decorations for puja room

Well, if you want a remarkable and shining puja room, in preference to looking for glittery substances, search for lighting. You can use plenty of fairy lights in your puja room to make it appear beautiful. You can put up colorful fairy lighting fixtures or those with simply one color. 

This may appear to be a smooth concept, however, the entire vibe of the fairy lighting offers a very divine look to your puja room! 

If you do not want the lights to function, you may choose a further elegant appearance and use diyas and candles for the same impact. Diyas’ appearance is splendid at the same time as used for decorations. You can put the diyas across the puja room and light them up. It will appear very peaceful and could supply a classy appearance to the whole puja room. 

Rangoli decorations for puja room

Some people are outstanding at making rangolis. If you’re very good at it, why not use those competencies to turn it into an excellent Indian-style Puja room design? You may need to make stunning designs of rangoli at some locations in your puja room. If you are someone who loves making rangoli, then you could make small and wonderful designs of rangoli inside the puja room.


The puja room is a place that people create at home to worship precise Gods each day. People, specifically in India, have worshipped faith and perception in specific Gods, therefore, they have a separate place to keep all their idols.

And on the same time, they prefer to get the right vibe inside the puja room so that they enjoy an experience of belief and religion. Therefore, you need true and delightful Indian-style puja room designs for your house. 

The above-stated styles are only some of them. There are a lot of methods that could make your puja room pretty and aesthetic. If you dedicatedly want your puja room to appear beautiful every day, then you need to look for the right designs that could decorate that room. 

So, beautify your puja room with small things available right at your home, and flip it into a beautiful place by making it look lovely and passing a cultured vibe to that area.

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