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India Blocks YouTube Channels In First Deployment Of New IT Rules

The Indian government has taken drastic action against content that threatens national security and national integrity. The ministry of information technology (MIT) has ordered that the two websites and 20 YouTube channels be blocked as a matter of urgency. The content on both sites is factually incorrect and originates from Pakistan. The government deems the content to be so harmful to the country’s national security and integrity that it has declared it an emergency.

The government of India has invoked its powers under the IT Act to block YouTube channels and two websites. The country alleged that the websites and YouTube channels were running content that was anti-India from Pakistan and was causing “unwarranted alarm” to its citizens. The government claims the content on the sites is “blasphemous” and threatens national security. The YouTube websites were banned for disseminating fake news on sensitive issues related to the Indian government.

The government has also banned Sikhs for Justice for instigating farmers in Punjab and Delhi. The farm laws were repealed during the winter session of Parliament following a year-long protest by farmers on the borders of Delhi. The government has indicated that the decision to block the channels will be presented to an Inter-Departmental Committee within 48 hours. The decision to block the websites is expected to be ratified by the IT Rules Committee under 2021.

The government has banned several websites and YouTube channels. The combined readership and subscriber base of the channels is more than 500 million. The channels’ content ranges from blasphemous to impeding national security. These websites and YouTube channels are owned by the Naya Pakistan group and 48 News, and one of the owners is JunaidHalim, a former Pakistani spy.

The ban is the result of the information ministry’s investigation into YouTube channels that broadcast blasphemous content. The I&B ministry, which has been tasked with evaluating the content of YouTube videos, found that the channels had at least a thousand false subscribers. The content was not only blasphemous, but it also violated the country’s national security.

The government plans to block YouTube channels and two news websites. The move is a response to a petition filed by Sikhs for Justice, a group that advocates secession. The government has alleged that the Sikhs are spreading false information and are inciting farmers to protest against the new rules. Nevertheless, the bans will remain in place until the new IT Rules are ratified.

The government will block a number of websites and YouTube channels, which collectively have over 500 million subscribers. The move comes as a result of an IT Act that grants the government emergency powers to block such content. The sweeping IT Act will protect the sovereignty of the nation and avert the spread of disinformation and terrorism. The law will also secure the information space, as it will not allow content that violates the law.

The bans were issued against the websites that distribute fake news and disinformation. The Indian government claims that the channels were run by a Pakistani group. The content on these websites is considered to be blasphemous and threatens national security. In the end, India’s government is blocking access to these websites and channels that are merely spreading fake news. With the new IT rules, the government hopes to curb the spread of terrorism. The government also claimed that the websites were inciting terrorism. The government used Section 16 of the IT Rules to enforce its ban. The new rules also require websites to block content that promotes hatred and national security. The I&B ministry’s order was accompanied by a request for a court order. Those who were blocked will be notified in the next few days.

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