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Important Questions That You Should Ask Your Study Visa Consultants

Well, you must be aware that there are a plethora of study visa consultants in India. Therefore, choosing the best one is going to be a very difficult task for you. As you are going to cede him the responsibility of your documentation process for visa approval, you must choose the best study visa consultant. Not only this, in fact, the study visa consultant is also going to tell you the code of conduct and basic understanding of the rules and regulations of the country you are desiring to travel to. 

We all know that countless students are applying for canadian student visas. This is because that the students believe that visiting this country will definitely help them accomplish their goals. An authentic study visa will help you ensure your international education. Therefore, you must pick the right study visa consultant in Jalandhar. Please know that the study visa consultant is going to act as a mediator between you and the embassy of the country. Therefore, try to choose the best visa consultant who can perform his all responsibilities with patience. 

Read the following points to know what mandatory questions you need to ask your visa consultant. 

Inquire about the expected total cost of studying abroad in the country you want to travel to. 

The cost is going to play a very important factor in helping you study abroad. It is one of the foremost factors that you should consider. Let us tell you that the total cost depends on some factors such as the cost of living in that country, the fees of the program you want to pursue, traveling expenses, and other essential expenses. Therefore, you must know how much amount you need to spend to get your dream accomplished. Also, know that there are some universities that offer courses at minimal fees. Therefore, you should ask about those universities to your study visa consultant. This will help you get a clear idea of the financial part to study abroad.

Am I eligible to get admission to the university for the program of my choice in the country? 

Know that there is a set of requirements that are entailed to pursue the different courses in the universities. Every student who desires to pursue that course must fulfill the eligibility criteria to get considered by the university. You must have knowledge if your qualifications or documents are acceptable or not in the university to which you want to apply. Because sometimes universities don’t recognize the degrees, diplomas, or certificates granted by some Indian schools/colleges. You could also be instructed to do a particular course to apply for the program you want to pursue.  Please be cautious while enquiring about this with your visa consultants.

Inquire about the excellency of visa consultants

Note that every country has a government-approved licensing system to help their immigration clients become assured. If you not working with a registered consultant then this is going to throw you into the trap of trouble. To know if your immigration consultant is registered or unregistered, you are advised to get in touch with the embassy in your area for assistance. Also, to double-check their claims, you have to ask for their registration number. Make sure that your consultant has a registration number as this number helps them become eligible to represent you. 

Inquire about the duration of the post-study work visa of the country you are desiring to travel to. 

Please know that it is mandatory to get knowledge of how long you can stay abroad after the comlietion of your course. Plan everything in advance before traveling to the country. Many students after completing their course get confused about what to do next. For instance, they should go back to their home country or should try to look for some work. Please ask your visa consultant about this with patience. If your study visa consultant is not giving you appropriate knowledge about his then think twice before continuing with him. Also, know the exact rules and regulations of the country where you want to study to avoid any legal consequences. If you are looking for the best guidance then choose the best study visa consultant.


No doubt, an expert visa consultant will help in increasing the chances of approval of visa application. Also, besides giving you the exact knowledge of available programs, they can guide you to the best universities. 

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