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How to use video marketing in stages of your funnel

Video accounts for the most widely consumed content online and has become the most effective tool in every marketing strategy.

Video content on social media is 1200% more effective in generating shares when compared to texts and pictures combined. 73% of consumers have confirmed that they bought a product after watching a video. These numbers make a compelling case for the use of videos in marketing. Read this article to know how you can use video to boost growth and sales.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

To ensure that the right video is presented to the right consumer at the right time, it is crucial to understand what a marketing funnel is. A marketing funnel guides your target audience through their journey to becoming a buyer. The funnel seeks to attract the audience’s attention, make them aware of your business and what you have to offer, convert them into paying customers, and retain them. This can be achieved through the use of videos at each stage.

Making a funnel that will effectively attract prospective customers can be a long and complex task. However, 76% of marketers say that it has substantially helped them increase their traffic. 

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Stages in a Marketing Funnel

There are four stages in a marketing funnel:

1. Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is where prospective buyers become aware of a problem and begin to research it. In this stage, your business must grab their attention to make them aware of your business, brand, and brand values. Avoid selling your product/service and instead focus on educating the unaware audience.

2. Consideration Stage

In the consideration stage, your prospective buyers are fully aware of their problem and are considering the different alternatives available to them to fix it. Here, you must establish yourself as a trusted source of quality information. In this stage as well, avoid springing sales talk onto the customer and try to convince them why your business is right for solving their issue.

3. Conversion Stage

In the conversion stage, you should have compelled the customer to believe that your business offers the best solution to their issue. Use an emotional technique to build a connection with them.

4. Loyalty and Advocacy Stage

In the last stage, you have to continue to build trust amongst the customers so that you retain them and encourage them to advocate your brand to others. This requires that you address their specific needs and interests and provide the support they need.

Best Type of Videos for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Now that you have become familiar with the different stages in a marketing funnel, you can explore the kinds of videos appropriate for each stage and how you can use them to craft an effective holistic marketing strategy. To make the videos, you can use installable software or an online video editor, but ensure that it has sufficient features to make your videos attractive and unique.

1. Videos to Make Customers Aware of your Business

In the awareness stage, your videos must be directed at attracting customers. Ensure that your video addresses their problem or need and is professional and informative. You must concisely communicate your brand, brand values, and products offered without providing any specific details about a particular product. Here are some video ideas for this stage:

a. Explainer Videos

These are short videos that will address customers’ needs by giving a brief on how your product/service works.

b. Promotional Videos

These are teaser videos that will invite the audience to explore your product/service further.

2. Videos to Introduce your Product/Service

In the consideration stage, you must educate the audience on how your product or service may help them solve their problem or address their needs. Avoid pushing sales or giving them information not relevant to their concerns. Customers in this stage are aware of your business and have decided to explore it. Here are some video ideas you can use:

a. Product Demos or How-To Videos

Demonstrate your product/service in action and how it can benefit the user. You can even make it a step-by-step video to adequately educate the customer on how they can use your product to solve their problem.

b. Webinars

Webinars may be live or recorded. In the webinar, you can have an expert who leads the discussion on your product or answer queries.

3. Videos to Compell the Customer to Make a Purchase

In the conversion stage, you must convince your audience that your product/service best addresses their need. Refrain from overwhelming the customer with sales calls and instead highlight the advantages of your product and attract them with promotions or discounts. Be sure to include a call-to-action, encouraging the customer to buy your product. Here are some video content ideas:

a. Case Study Videos

Use videos that showcase how your customers have benefitted from using your product/service.

b. Before-and-after Videos

These videos are highly effective for fitness or decor businesses and show your customer how your product can improve their lives.

4. Videos to Retain a Buyer

The last stage of the funnel is loyalty and advocacy, where the video content must convey that you value the customer even after they have made a purchase. Delight them with your service and obtain feedback to improve their experience in the future. Here are some videos you can use in this last stage:

a. Thank You Videos

Use a video conveying your gratitude to the customer and making them feel valued.

b. Culture Videos

Brand videos that demonstrate the values of your business and what makes it unique are a great way to build brand loyalty and affinity.


Using videos in the different stages of a marketing funnel is an effective way to convert a target audience from viewers to loyal customers. Once you have created your funnel, using these videos to boost your brand is an easy task. Don’t forget to use attractive thumbnails for your videos, which help you to grab the attention of your viewers. If you don’t know how to design eye-catchy thumbnail for your videos then use online thumbnail maker tools or you can also use mobile apps like YouTube thumbnail maker, Thumbnail Creator, and others.

Ensure that you understand the needs and issues of your target audience so that you can plan your video content accordingly.

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