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How To Use Remote Work Training Videos to Boost The Productivity Of Your Company

Have you ever imagined working in the comfort of your home wearing pajamas and slippers? Well, that reality has caught up with us, and although it is very pleasant for many, a wide variety of companies are having difficulty getting ahead when it comes to training their collaborators, motivating them to work from home, and promoting their goals. However, so that this does not happen to you, we invite you to learn about the advantages of remote work training videos.

Transform yourself with remote training videos and forget about manuals.

Manuals are long and boring. Before, they were perhaps the most viable option, but why stay with something so simple and without personality when you can train your collaborators with something more interactive?

That’s why remote work training videos are the best option to help them work with you and this new client in your company. The tool has fantastic advantages, such as:

They are more entertaining and teach better.

Why stick with a piece of paper (digital or physical) when you can put music, graphics, animations, and even a presenter in a video? With this, you can keep your collaborators’ attention for a long time, in addition to the fact that the information is clearer and more direct, resulting in better learning and productivity. They are an excellent way to start a new project, in addition to giving a better image of your company.

It is a better investment than adapting to the times of your companions.

Unlike a zoom conference, remote work training videos are better suited to the needs of your colleagues. Because they can watch when they want, take breaks to write notes, or repeat the parts that have been a bit confusing, something that you wouldn’t be able to with a live instructor (which can be more expensive per session), achieving better learning every time you use it.

They can be whatever you want.

The best thing about remote work training videos is that you don’t have to follow a mold. You can try and create all kinds of audiovisual material that fits your objectives, needs, or philosophy of your company, and it can even be fully animated. So everyone can work from home safely.

Get the most out of your remote training videos.

Now that you know the advantages, we are sure that you want to start making your own remote work training videos. However, that is not enough. For them to work, you need to take into account some points:

Make it more personal and interactive.

Think of your training videos as a class. But not a boring one, of course not! Rather, what we are looking for is that your collaborator is sure of what he has learned, so, at the end of each session, you could include a small test or an educational game as feedback.

Another incredible option that platforms like YouTube allow us is that, depending on their response, we can send them to a different video. This is ideal for testing their reactions in hypothetical situations.

Distribute your content.

To achieve better learning so that your collaborators do not lose interest in the information you present to them, it is necessary to know how to distribute your content. For nothing in the world, make your videos too long! Short audiovisual content ensures better retention of information, so a great alternative is to divide them by themes or sections.

Your brand is everything.

Now that your collaborators are working from home, it is more difficult for them to feel identified with your company. Without an office, internal communication or colleagues to interact with can make them feel disconnected and lower their productivity. That’s why don’t be afraid to put your logo, name, and everything that identifies your company in each of your videos.

At last

Are you ready to transform the productivity of your collaborators? Then don’t hesitate to make remote work training videos. Don’t forget to visit the rest of our blog and discover more amazing video options for your business.

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