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How to use good window cleaning robots

Outside on a sloping skylight, window cleaning robots hold almost even better than on vertical windows. The supreme discipline, however, is the cleaning of sloping surfaces from the inside, such as in the conservatory, where the wet window cleaning robot adheres upside down and magically to the panes.

Whether the window cleaning robot is to clean large areas in the conservatory or small windows in the guest bathroom, the process is relatively similar:

You start the devices via an app on the smartphone or tablet or via a remote control.

As in the car wash, rotating parts of the robot now move over the window, releasing dirt.

Safety ropes or emergency batteries ensure that the robot does not crash in the event of difficulties.

Window cleaning robots with spray function or water tanks use water, detergents, and catch cloths to ensure that the strips become squeaky clean all over the surface.

Thanks to the integrated suction function, the cordless window cleaning robots with battery or power supply ensure that no streaks and visible strips remain on the window. The thoroughness has become better and better in recent years and crashes are no longer to be expected with most devices.

Are there different types of window cleaning robots?

In the various window cleaning robot tests on the Internet, we have presented the already mentioned technologies with a magnet or vacuum, which work equally well. At the same time, in contrast to other electrical appliances, no major difference between cordless window cleaning robots and wired devices was discussed. Therefore, at this point we would like to introduce you to two categories of suction devices that are a great help when cleaning windows:

Window vacuum cleaner

  • suck water and cleaning agents from the pane after manual cleaning
  • facilitate cleaning, but do not work automatically
  • save time and effort
  • with a little practice streak-free results
  • auspicious
  • with telescopic handle also for high windows
  • Cleaning still dangerous
  • robust and durable
  • ryobi sander

Window cleaning robots

  • take over the complete cleaning
  • during cleaning, you can do something else yourself
  • Results vary by window
  • dearer
  • Accessories such as an app or remote control
  • drastically reduces the risk of accidents for people
  • the more technology, the higher the risk of malfunctions

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