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How to Use a Green Screen: 5 Tips for Using a Green Screen?

How to Use a Green Screen: 5 Tips for Using a Green Screen for Your Twitch Stream

1. Invest in Green Screen Lighting

2. Make Sure the Environment is Clean and Uncluttered

3. Set up a Close-Up Camera Angle for Professional Results

4. Keep an Eye on Brightness Levels during Production

5. Practice Using Your Green Screen before Broadcasting Live.

Here is a detail of each one:

1. Invest in Green Screen Lighting- 

In order to have a high-quality green screen, you need good lighting. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the light source is in comparison to your backdrop, the better your lighting will be. The more even and clean your background looks on camera, the less likely you are to notice its presence during streaming or recording.

2. Make Sure the Environment is Clean and Uncluttered- 

You don’t want random objects on set that might not look perfect when superimposed over another image, such as someone walking behind you while you’re trying to stream (or worse…people walking onscreen). Remember: anything in view on camera will show up when replaced with another image! For this reason, it’s best if there is nothing but your green screen in the shot.

3. Set up a Close-Up Camera Angle for Professional Results- 

When setting up an angle for your camera, keep in mind that it needs to be close enough to show your entire backdrop but not so close that it includes any part of you or anything else that might end up on the screen! If you are using two cameras, make sure they are on opposite sides of you with each one showing either side of your screen. Another great option is to invest in a green screen monitor mount. This will allow you to set your screens above and behind you while streaming or recording. You can also attach them directly to your tripod if you’re using more than two screens. 

4. Keep an Eye on Brightness Levels during Production- 

The last thing you want during your Twitch stream or YouTube video is a distraction. One of the best ways to avoid this is to monitor your brightness levels while streaming live. The easiest way to do this is to adjust your camera monitors until you see the green background looking exactly the way it should on camera. This will ensure that no detail of your background can be seen when streaming or recording, just its solid color.

5. Practice Using Your Green Screen before Broadcasting Live-  

You don’t want to go live for the first time with a green screen if you are doing something precision-based like playing a game! Get used to how things look in front of the green backdrop, try different poses and angles get comfortable because once you start broadcasting for real, it’s not the time to realize your camera doesn’t have the right angle or you need a smaller light source.

You can practice using your green screen without broadcasting live and with different settings and angles in order to see what works best and be prepared for when you go live!


What if I don’t want to invest in lighting?

If you’re not looking to invest too much into your green screen setup, try using a portable green screen. They tend to be very inexpensive and can still provide great results. You might need to experiment with the distance from the backdrop and your camera as portable screens come in different sizes. 

What if I can’t find any good portable green screens for sale? 

Try making your own portable green screen! Cut down some white bed sheets or fabric (pillowcases work well too) and tack it up on some PVC pipes placed vertically in front of you while streaming or recording videos. This will allow you to use many angles without having any part of your background visible!

Can I do this on just any backdrop? 

The short answer is no. Since the purpose of the portable green screen is to make your background entirely green without anything but that color showing, it’s best to invest in one if you plan on streaming or recording more than once. Contact us for our portable green screen options!

Do you need a portable green screen setup for video games?

Sometimes if your game requires precision and accuracy during competitive play, using a portable green screen might be difficult because of how low it sits compared to other setups. It’s always worth trying out different setups before jumping into things though! Just remember that regardless of whether or not you have a portable green screen, practice makes perfect when it comes to games.


A portable green screen is great for making sure you have a background without distracting, unwanted detail. If you’re looking to start streaming or recording videos, try out different angles and settings until everything looks the way it should. Remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to anything no matter if it’s your portable green screen or gameplay!

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