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How to turn on Ok Google

Smartphone voice recognition technologies like Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana make life easier. You can ask for directions, search and send text to friends using only your voice. This is convenient when you are busy with something or need an answer urgently. In the publication, we will analyze in detail how to turn on  Okay Google on Android and how to enable search on the locked screen. 


1 How to enable voice control on Android 

2 How to download voice control Android 

3 How to change the “Ok Google” command settings 

4 Voice typing 

5 How to use the Google Assistant 

6 Voice Commands Ok Google 

7 Solving problems with turning on “Ok Google” 

How to enable voice control on Android 

Depending on which build of Android OS you have installed, there are several ways to set up voice commands on your phone. Today the version of Android 9 called “Pie” is relevant. Smart search is integrated into the system, so owners of smartphones with this OS assembly do not need additional applications. 

We will tell you how to turn on and activate Ok Google with a voice command on your Samsung phone: 

  1. Hold the center Home button on the screen. 
  2. The virtual assistant window will open. Click the account icon in the upper right corner and select “Settings”. 
  3. Go to the “Assistant” tab. Check the “Languages” section. If there is no Russian language in the list, click “Add”. 
  4. Scroll down to the “Devices with Assistant” section and select “Phone”. 
  5. Set the “Access with Voice Match” toggle switch to the active position. Now say the phrase Ok Google four times in a row to record a voice sample. This will eliminate the possibility of a stranger activating your smartphone. 
  6. Activate the option “Unlock with Voice Match”, confirm the security ID – pattern or fingerprint. This will execute the voice request on the locked screen.

 This completes the smart search setup

How to download voice control for Android

We will tell you how to connect OK Google for early OS versions. You will need to download Ok Google as a separate application. This can be done on the official platform of the developers – “Play Market”: 

  1. Log in to the service using your account and write the name “Google Now” in the search box. 
  2. Click the “Install” button, and after downloading – “Open”. 
  3. To set up a voice search engine, in the application go to “Menu”, then “Settings”. 
  4. On the “Voice Search” tab, enable the “Ok Google Recognition” function. 
  5. Turn on From Google Apps and From All Apps. These options allow you to access voice search at any time. 

Now you know how to turn on OK Google on Android with different revisions of the operating system.

How to change the “Ok Google” command settings 

You can access the voice search settings menu from the on-screen search bar. 

Click the “More” button below and make the desired changes in the settings sections. 

Voice typing 

The “Voice Typing” feature unlocks the ability to convert voice messages to text. To use it, you first need to install and configure the on-screen keyboard – the “Gboard” application. Once set up, use the speech-to-text app: 

  1. Download the program from the “Play Store”. 
  2. Run the utility and go through the configuration steps: 
  • click “Enable in settings”; 
  • the Language & Input options window appears; 
  • select the installed keyboard from the list of available methods; 
  • upon request, press the confirmation buttons “Install” and “Allow”;
  • in the line “Voice dialing” select the desired language and click “Save”. 

The keyboard will now pop up “by default” when prompted to enter text. 

  1. To enter text using your voice, open any text field (for example, messages) and click the microphone icon. 
  2. When the message “Speak Now” appears on the screen, say the text. 

Speak loudly and clearly for better speech recognition.

How to use the Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is a new way to interact with the search engine, an enhanced version of “Google Now”. The conversational style of interaction is based on the idea of ​​“live” communication with an electronic assistant and understanding the context. For example, if you ask “What is the weather in St. Petersburg today”, the assistant will give a quick and accurate answer. Then ask “And tomorrow” and you will hear the weather forecast for St. Petersburg the next day. 

You can call the Assistant in two ways: 

Press and hold the “Home” button, and then say the start command “Okay Google”. 

If “Voice unlock” is indicated in the settings, then it is enough to say the passphrase for the assistant to start listening to you. 

Google Assistant is used for more than just answering questions. The Settings menu contains options for adding paid subscriptions, managing smart home devices, selecting news sources, and linking the Assistant to the Google Calendar. 

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Voice commands Ok Google

In this section, we have prepared sample requests for the virtual assistant. For convenience, the teams were divided into thematic blocks. 

  1. Basic commands: “Send a message to your sister”, “Call your husband”. 
  2. Music: “Turn on classical music”, “Turn on the radio”, “Which song is playing.” 
  3. Weather: “Today it will rain”, “How many degrees outside”. 
  4. Calendar: “Remind me about the meeting tomorrow at 9”, “What are my plans”, “Schedule a meeting”. 
  5. Timers and alarm clock: “Wake me up at …”, “Set the timer for 10 minutes.” 
  6. Lists: “Write down a shopping list”. 
  7. Translator: “How to say“ Good morning in English ”,“ Translate “How to get to the mall in French”. 
  8. Places and routes: “Where to have coffee”, “How long to go to the museum”, “Where is the park”. 
  9. Calculator: “How many are 1000 rubles in dollars”, “Find the square root of 138”. 
  10. Sports: “What is the score of the match”, “Which sports club is nearby”, “Which team won the football match yesterday”. 
  11. Films: “Find the first episode of“ Game of Thrones ”,“ Which movie is shown in the cinema ”. 
  12. Google Cast: “Show the stream from Youtube”.
  13.  News: “Tell us about the latest technology”, “Who won the Oscar. 
  14. Cuisine: “Ok Google how to make apple pie”, “How much sugar to put in a dish”, “How long does meat last”, “Okay google how to make lasagna”. 

Begin each request with the phrase “Ok Google”.

Solving problems with enabling “Ok Google” 

If for some reason the assistant does not respond to voice prompts, use one of the methods to solve the problem. 

Method 1: Google Update: 

  • enter “Google Play”; 
  • click the three-bar icon in the upper left corner; 
  • select “Applications and games”; 
  • find the search service in the list of installed ones and click “Update”. 

Method 2: Update Android. 

Typically, the system automatically asks for owner permission to download updates. If this did not happen and an out-of-date OS revision is installed on the smartphone, download the update manually: 

  • open the “Settings” section; 
  • select “System Update”. 

If there are available updates, the process will start automatically. After installing the latest software, set up voice search again.

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