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How to Study Abroad from India: The Ultimate Guide

Abroad studies have become a norm now. Due to accessible facilities and financial aid, every student now can manage to study abroad. But with this, misconceptions are formulating more. Many students believe things like MBA colleges ask for work experience as an utmost requirement. A relevant bachelor’s degree is required to apply for a master’s program, course durations in different countries etc. There is a lot to learn about how it all works.

Indian students exceptionally choose to do their masters abroad. One of the reasons it has become so accessible is India’s ties with top countries in the world. Now we are doing more business than ever, Indian universities are ranked globally, and new partnerships are forming in business and education. Not to forget that the education sector has been on the rise.

Why Study Abroad

The first thing you need to know is why studying abroad is necessary or recommended? Because if you are not aware of the goal it serves, there’s no point in doing it. Studying abroad is not just for an excellent job or earning big bucks. It’s about what it brings to the table. You must have seen business schools asking for community involvement, curricula, or something like ‘what do you plan to contribute to society?’ Business and management candidates have to know that many things are expected.

While building a profitable career abroad, you also contribute to the community and industry. Having a broad range of knowledge developed from abroad studies enables you to function in dire situations. If you have completed an MBA from a top-level b school, the calibre, the information, the global exposure, and business understanding all come along. Out of all things, you choose the ones that are a priority to you, and you can do so because it is there. Hence, going abroad is to find your best options and make them worth your time and money.

Study Masters Abroad: Eligibility

To study abroad, you need to fulfill some criteria. Ambition and a budget are not enough to make your dream come true. Abroad universities ask for documents and test results if you wish to get enrolled. With improper information, one can mess up the admission application. He=Therefore it is wise to know what eligibility criteria you need to meet beforehand.

Here are the standard requirements to study masters abroad:

  • a 4-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent)
  • academic transcripts
  • English language test score (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)
  • standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT)
  • necessarily asked documents; SOP, LORs and Essays
  • approved visa application

Most popular universities abroad are English-taught, requiring students to submit an English language test score. European and Australian universities prefer IELTS, while USA and Canada prefer TOEFL. Standardized tests like GRE and GMAT are also necessary. GMAT is mainly involved with business programs. GRE is very flexible and used for many master’s programs.

Remember that SOP, ORs and Essays are the most critical elements of your admission process. They make a great deal of difference in the admission procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to practice well before preparing these documents. Once you submit all required forms and documents, the university informs you about your selection status via email. Then after that only thing that remains is to sit on a flight and start your journey abroad.

Study Masters Abroad: Top Universities

The USA and Uk are the most dominant names in education abroad in terms of ranking. However, some universities from Switzerland, Singapore and China have been famous recently. Currently, if you plan to do a master’s abroad, these two are the countries you need to consider. However, it does not mean you have limited options.

Canada, Australia, Germany and France are also a few names you can think of if you do not prefer the USA and UK. In fact, due to the high cost of education paired with a high cost of living, these two top dogs are not a piece of cake. However, it’s one of the reasons why Canada is currently the #1 destination for masters abroad. The country has some of the best universities globally and is very friendly to international students. Plus, the postgrad record in Canada presents high ROI, labeling it as ‘the best investment to your future.’

Here are the top 10 universities abroad for masters:

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Cambridge, USA
2University of OxfordOxford, UK
3Stanford UniversityStanford, USA
4University of CambridgeCambridge, UK
5Harvard UniversityCambridge, USA
6California Institute of Technology (Caltech)Pasadena, USA
7Imperial College LondonLondon, UK
8ETH  Zurich – Swiss FederalInstitute of TechnologyZurich, Switzerland
9UCLLondon, UK
10University of ChicagoChicago, USA


Master abroad for Indian students is no longer a dream; it has become a reality. If you have excellent qualifications and resources to spend, do not think twice before deciding on a master’s abroad. You get to learn more, earn more and do more. To make your lifestyle worthwhile, make a decision now. Someone has said, “good education is the easiest way towards a better lifestyle.”

Author Bio 

Author Bio: Abhyank Srinet is a passionate digital entrepreneur who holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe. He started his first company while he was still studying at ESCP, and managed to scale it up by 400% in just 2 years. 

Being a B-School Alumni, he recognized the need for a one-stop solution for B-School to get in touch with schools and get their application queries resolved. This prompted him to create MentR-Me, a one-of-a-kind portal with cutting edge profile evaluation and school selection algorithms, along with several avenues to stay informed about the latest B-School Updates.

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