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How To Stream Link On Chromecast – Complete Guide

Chrome cast stream is a media streaming device connected through wifi to your router. Chromecast stream provides games from your devices to TV. Updated Chromecast has better connectivity and new technology. Stream has launched new software called Stream link.

If you have an internet connection stream, let’s stream games from the Stream library from one device to another. You can just use your smart TV, application, device, and Chromecast to screen mirror the stream games.

If you use the Chromecast app, you can remote control the device by using your device like an Android or tablet. Chromecast has been updated in Chromecast Ultra and streams up to 2160p UHD so it may cost high. Chromecast Ultra has high internet speed, fast connectivity, and a better experience.

  • Chromecast steam link

Steps to Chromecast stream on TV- Android

  1. From the play store, you have to install the Stream link application.
  2. Tap to open
  3. Sign in to your Stream Username and Password.
  4. Tap the button Settings. Through connections, you have a screencast icon.
  5. Select your Chromecast device name then it will connect automatically to your TV through your device.

Features of Chromecast

Chromecast streams content to your TV, and you may get HD videos and high-quality sound. Chromecast streams apps like Netflix, youTube Disney+, Amazon prime video, Hulu, etc. You can watch thousands of TV shows, movies, downloads, sports, and news.

Using Chromecast has become an easy way for any device. Screen mirror stream to the TV from different devices like Android, iPhone, and PC windows. You can command your TV from your tablet or device. You need to connect your device with Chromecast through the wifi network.

Chromecast’s older version streams 1080p, but Chromecast Ultra provides 2160p UHD streaming. You get HD videos. Chromecast Ultra has high quality and internet speed. The price is also increased because of UHD streaming and 4K HDR. related articles you can find here at Techthanos.com

Streaming Chromecast on Android

With Chromecast stream, you can play games on Android, iOS, PC, etc., by connecting your device with the controller. For casting, it doesn’t support official Chromecast, but you can connect Chromecast from your device using a mirror of gameplay.

  1. Insert your Chromecast
  2. Open the Google Home app and click on the account tab.
  3. Tap down to the mirror device.
  4. Now tap the button cast screen to use this feature, and from the google play service, you need to turn on the microphone.
  5.  Select your Chromecast device, and it will be connected.

How can I cast iPhone on my TV?

  1. Connect to the same wifi network as your iPhone or Apple Tv.
  2. Tap to open the control centre.
  3. Now click on screen mirroring and select your Apple Tv from the list.
  4. Tap stop mirroring if you don’t need it.

If you want to share your iPhone with Apple TV to make a bigger screen. There should be a few steps to

  1. Connect with the same wifi network for both iPhone and Apple TV
  2.  Tap to control centre
  3. Click on screen mirroring
  4.  Then choose your system, Apple TV or Mac.

How can I cast Android on TV?

We can make a screen mirroring, Google cast, or any other app by linking with a cable by linking android phones. If you want to watch on the big screen, you can access it with your mobile phone through cable hookups, built-in features, and third-party apps and share it with another device.

Above we all have discussed the Chromecast stream link. Chromecast Ultra has a better experience, high internet speed, streams UHD, and supports Google TV.

According to Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra is the best to purchase because of having new updated features better way to stream. The quality of streaming is good when compared with Chromecast. The better version brings a better experience. Check out Appsforsmarttv.com

If you have any doubts regarding these Chrome cast streams, comment below.

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