How to Steer Clear of Cell Phone Repair Scams?

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without having a smartphone in your pocket. This technology allows you to make calls, send emails, share documents, browse the internet, and whatnot– we are enormously dependent.

On average, people spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile devices.

Let me ask you, can you think of any task that your smartphone cannot accomplish?

Hard to think, right? Undoubtedly, it’s a super gadget!

And then one day, you smashed your phone – all hell broke loose! But don’t sweat it; you’re not the only one. You’d be amazed to learn that Americans spend as much as 3 billion dollars on their cell phone repairs every year – that’s Burundi’s economy right there!

Now, you’d waste no time rushing to your nearest repair store (with a good cell repair shop POS software) – provided you’re not one of those who would embrace the cracked screen until it dies its natural death.

As you approach your cell phone repair technician, you’re entering a dodgy area. Be highly cautious.


Search Google, and it will lay out countless shocking stories of smartphone repair scam artists charging customers an even bigger fortune.

They exploit their customers’ lack of knowledge and point out bogus problems in their electronics.

This article will discuss how you can avoid phone repair scams from such scam artists.

But What Brings You to a Phone Repair Shop? – Often!

But why would you take the pain of visiting a repair shop in the first place? Well, there are several reasons why individuals have to visit the repair shops, but the following are the most common ones:

·       Damaged Screens

We have all been there; have at least broken a smartphone screen once in a lifetime. Statistically, these account for 29% of damaged smartphones annually.

According to Statista, dropping your smartphone on the ground is the most common cause of accidental smartphone damage, and phones falling from pockets is the second.

·       Water Damages

Unfortunately, water damage is not always fixable. So whether you spilled a drink or left your smartphone in your jeans to let it bathe in the laundry, water damage has the potential to mark the end of your smartphone.  What’s even worse, smartphone warranties do not cover water damage.

·       Charging Port Damage

Charging ports are the lifeblood of your smartphone. Unfortunately, carelessly handling charging ports and cables can wreak havoc on your end port piece. And then, it’s only a matter of time your smartphone battery depletes, and your phone passes away.


Some of the Ways, They’ll Try to Hoodwink You

·       Stealing Your Parts

During repairing, scammers can replace your genuine phone parts with cheaper ones. Since smartphone repairing is not your expertise, they can convince you that they couldn’t restore your phone part or that you need to replace it with a new one.

On your part, try your best to visit a trustworthy third-party repair center since it will be a lot safer.

·       Temporary Fix/Replacing Parts

Say you visit a repair center with your damaged LED. All it actually needs is a new glass on your display. But here’s that evil repair artist again, claiming that it cannot be repaired. So instead, they will mislead you that your phone needs a replacement.

Remember, they all have one thing in common; they will exploit your ignorance.

·       Spying on Your Data – Spying Keyloggers

Ever heard about the “chip in the middle” attack?

It is one of those worrisome scenarios where the new screen you got in your smartphone ends up spying on you. These low-life criminals alter some screens by attaching a hidden chip and shipping them to third-party repair stores. And trust me, you cannot spot the difference between the real and hacked ones.

Any sensitive data you input using your screen is now compromised – your information is not yours anymore!

·       Corrupting Your Software

Having software problems? Your shady technician fixed your software in a flash. Great, right?!

Not really!

You now have pirated software on your smartphone, making your sensitive information vulnerable. Not just this, but your device is now unguarded against viruses. 

How to Stay Safe From Phone Repair Scams?

·       Authorized & Certified Service Providers

Don’t just rush to a phone repair shop because it is near your home. Instead, spend some time researching them.

Look at their website online and confirm if they are the certified and authorized service providers. Also, check out their online reviews. A little effort to gauge their credibility can go a long way in ensuring your safety. In all probability, such reliable repair stores will also have a repair shop POS software for a better customer experience.

·       Good Work Ain’t Cheap

You woke up one day only to learn that your iPhone’s Touch ID had stopped responding. So you dashed to your nearby repair shop and got it fixed for merely $30.

The next thing you realize is that your fingerprint scanner has refused to work—the reason being; security issues!

The thing is; your iPhone’s Touch ID is connected to your iPhone’s chipset. If your local repair shop technician does not handle this configuration expertly, the authorized repair center should be your next stop (to fix your fingerprint scanner issue).

You will pay more, though, but high-quality service entails more price.

·       Expect Warranties

When it comes to phone repairs, warranties are your best friends. Unfortunately, if the technician has replaced your original phone part with faulty and forgery bits, sooner or later, your device will malfunction.

This is where your warranty will come to your rescue. Choose a technician who offers a warranty after repair. It shows that they perform quality work.

·       Rely on Manufacturers

Spying keyloggers is a major security threat.

One of the most credible ways to steer clear of this menace is relying on your phone’s manufacturer for replacements. Apple also partners with authorized repair shops which you can trust for your cell phone repairs. This way, you are sure to get the legitimate Apple parts.

Final Say

Nowadays, it almost costs you an arm and a leg for smartphone repairs. Why then squander your hard-earned money on some repair scam by such con artists.

From a business owner’s perspective, you can opt for a repair shop software. This will boost your customer’s confidence in your business – much needed, keeping in mind the scammers who are trying to rip their customers off!

As a customer, you are now better informed on managing your next repair.

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