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How To Setup Wavlink WiFi Extender Without WPS Button In Easy Way?

The Wavlink extender is the fastest transmission rate & dual-band WiFi network booster. It delivers a reliable wireless network in the corner of your residence. With the wireless range of this extender, you can completely enjoy HD video on your mobile phone & smart TV. Additionally, the Wavlink WiFi extender thoroughly works with 3 networking modes such as repeater, router, & access point. Then, you can simply configure any modem & seamlessly enjoy high-speed network connectivity. It comes along with two Ethernet port that provide the facility for wired devices. The Ethernet port speed is very high & stable as compared to the wireless network. The 4 external antennas are built-in that boosts the Wi-Fi coverage. These antennas enhance the network performance. 

The wireless communication standard of the Wavlink Wi-Fi repeater/extender device works with 

802.11a/b/g/n/ac network. It supports AC or N network, additionally amplifies the wireless range. If you wish to amplify the wireless range of your N or AC network, then you should perform the setup. From the wavlink aerial x setup, you absolutely perform the wireless setup. This wizard allows you to configure the network in a simple & quick way. 

Why is it important to set up the Wavlink WiFi Extender?

The Wavlink range extender device is completely designed to extend the network range of your existing device. If you wish to enjoy the wireless range of your standard router, but the network signals are slow of this router. Then, you can install the range extender with the router. Afterward, the network signals completely amplify, & seamlessly watch 4K videos in long-range coverage. 

But to amplify the wireless range of your standard router, you have to perform the setup. The setup is necessary to maintain the network range as well as amplify the Wi-Fi. Without doing the setup, you cannot be able to enjoy wireless network connectivity in the whole home. Thus, for the strong, reliable, high-speed, & fastest network the Wavlink extender setup is necessary. 

What is the way to perform the Wavlink WiFi extender setup?

To enhance the wireless network of the standard router with the Wavlink range signals booster extender device, you have to perform the setup. Without doing the setup you are not able to amplify the network range. The range extender setup is performed in various ways. There are three ways to perform the range extender setup. 

  • WPS button setup
  • Web interface setup
  • Wavlink App

Setup Wavlink WiFi Extender Without WPS Button

If you wish to perform the range extender setup without using the extender’s WPS button, then you can simply perform. By using a web interface you can effortlessly perform the range extender setup. But in the web interface wizard setup, you should know the Wavlink extender’s IP address. Follow some given instructions to perform the extender setup without using the WPS button.

Connect the PC or Mobile device to the extender’s network:

To perform the extender’s setup with the web interface, you have to connect your PC or mobile phone to the Wi-Fi range of the extender. You can easily establish the connection with the network range of this extender. The Ethernet port is switched on the Wavlink extender, then you can simply establish the connection.  For the wired network connection. You have to place the computer near the extender location. Then, using an Ethernet cable, this cable is plugged into the available Ethernet port. 

To connect your mobile phone to the extender’s network, you should place your mobile phone in the extender location. Then, switch on the wifi network. Verify the Wavlink extender SSID. Click the SSID of this network, mention the password. In the end, click the connect option. 

Accessing login admin panel:

After connecting the computer or mobile phone to the range extender’s network, then you have to open the web interface that is downloaded on your device. From setup wizard you have to directly reach the login window. On this window, you have to mention the login instruction.  On the login username field, you have to write the username ID. Moreover, in the login password field, mention the password details. In the end, click the login button. 

Perform the Wavlink extender setup:

After accessing the login page of the range extender device, you have to visit the web management page. On the web management page, you have seen the various options. Firstly, you have to select the basic setting. Under this setting, you have to configure the password & SSID of the range extender. Then configure the general setting with the general setting option that is here on the web management page. In the end, configure the advanced setting to maintain the Wi-Fi range.

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