How to Repost on Instagram

How to Repost a Post, Video or Story on Instagram?

This exclusive guide is on how to repost on Instagram. This reposting may be a post, a video, a story or something other.

Instagram is a very famous social media app that got developed through Facebook for social connections between society. There are two options for an Instagram user to show love for people

  • Commenting on post
  • Giving a like by double-tapping on post

But the best way to increase engagement with the followers and fans of others is by reposting their photos, stories, and videos. Still, many people do not know that how to repost on Instagram? So, this article is all about reposting on Instagram. Carefully read this complete guide if you also want to know how to repost a story on Instagram. 

Sharing posts of others on social media apps

All apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn allow users to share each other’s content and ideas. Instagram contains a bit of anomaly in the social media marketplace in that it doesn’t offer a native option to share other users’ content.

People often use the “Share” option button on other apps to share anything, but Instagram maintains this strategy to protect copyright and content. Therefore, one should know that how to repost a post on Instagram. 

How to repost something on Instagram

Reposting is somewhat considered a marketing strategy for sharing videos and photos on a social platform to the next level with a large population. There are many ways to repost social strategy and ideal workflows quickly and efficiently. 

Three best practices about reposting a post on Instagram are

  1. Ask for permission

If you have discovered a photo that you would like to share with your followers, it is best to ask the original creator before publishing it on your profile. But for that, you should be first aware of how to report a post on Instagram.

The easiest way is to send a requesting message in the DM of a creator. If they do not reply, email addresses are also attached in users’ bio; you can email a sharing request to them. But the best-recommended way is to use Instagram’s messaging feature and send the creator a Direct Message. 

  1. Avoid edits

Any post or video you want to repost is suggested to share untouched and unedited. It is because it was the original post that impressed you, not the edited one. So, be ready to know that how to repost a video on Instagram without editing. 

However, whenever you may need slight changes or edits, make sure to reach out to the original creator and ask before altering or editing his original image prior to reposting. 

  1. Credit your source

It is the most crucial element while reposting someone’s post. A person should ensure that they should give credit to the original post created in his repost. The best and easy way for this is to include their username within the caption of the post. Moreover, you should highlight these mentions specifically. 

In general, a few ways by which you can give credit to the original content creator within your repost photo caption include the following: 

  • credit: @username
  • Photo credit: @username
  • A moment captured by @username
  • ? by @username
  • Thanks to @username for sharing this image with us

How to repost on Instagram

As mentioned above, it is far easier on other apps to repost some picture or video on your profile without asking permission from the original post creator. This native feature comes baked into the product experience and expectations of other apps.

On Instagram, there always needs to be an additional step, i.e., request permission from the original poster so that you can repost their work.

A few of the ways to solve the query that how to repost a story on Instagram are:

  1. Send the original story creator a direct request message on Instagram
  2. Comment or like their story to start the conversation
  3. Connect via email to know about details and get permission from that user

Reposting strategy

Before reposting something on Instagram, specific tools like ‘Buffer for Instagram’ usually come around, restricting third-party apps from sharing or reposting some picture, video, or story without mentions and credits. 

These reposted photos require watermarks or @-mention credits. The simplest way is with a screengrab that is a process that anyone can still replicate today. 

Stepwise procedure on how to repost on Instagram manually

While manually reposting captions and photos, you should follow the four-step procedure to avoid copyright claims and strikes by the original creator. 

Step1: Screenshot a photo

First of all, a user should mind the photo they want to repost with the audience. The easiest and simplest way for this would be to have a snapshot of that underlying post. 

Step2: Uploading your screenshot

Once the user has saved the image to camera roll, the next step to do is tap on the camera icon within Instagram and select the screenshot you want to share on Instagram. 

Step3: Resizing the image

It is essential to learn about how to repost on Instagram at this step. That can usually be done by resizing functionality within Instagram by cropping or editing before uploading it. 

Step4: Adding attractive captions

Lastly, remember to credit the original image creator with your caption or tag their account using their Instagram handle, whatever suits you best while reposting. 

Reposting Instagram stories, videos, and photos

Reposting has always been a significant step to improving and promoting an account whose content you have enjoyed for a long time. Luckily Instagram has made it a relatively easy process by providing substantial guidelines on how to repost something on Instagram. According to them, one can easily repost photos and videos from the news feed to own stories without downloading any other source app. 

How to repost a story on Instagram

After a detailed discussion on privacy policies and copyright claims, users can now easily repost an Instagram story to their story. Some fundamental steps involved in such reposting generally include the following:

  1. Open Instagram application on source mobile
  2. Discover the post while scrolling that you would like to share
  3. Use the paper airplane symbol underneath every post.
  4. Select the underlying option ‘Add post to your story.’
  5. Edit the post if you wish by adding GIFs, stickers, or text
  6. Select where you want to repost the selected post (either on your story, in privacy with your close friends, or a direct message)
  7. Press Send, and this is how a story gets reposted in no time.

Instagram reposting hurdles

The user can only repost someone’s photos or videos if their account is public. If the user has a private account, another step on how to repost on Instagram generally includes sending a direct message to someone so you can share their post. That allows you to access the option of adding posts and videos to your story. You can also use this feature to repost your post to the Instagram story.

Instagram status/story

Like all other social media applications have announced the addition of stories and status in 2016, Instagram also followed the trend. These stories have become one of the most popular ways to share content.

Adding stories or statuses is a far better way to promote a friend, colleague, or brand you like than reposting their Instagram story on a personal account. Moreover, the most common reason people want to share someone’s story is that they are tagged in them. This particular feature is also referred to as mention sharing.

Reposting lasting duration

  1. Story

Whenever someone tags your username in their story, it becomes visible to everyone who follows them. Stories posted will only last 24 hours unless the user decides to add the story to their Highlights.

If a particular story is promoted to highlights, it will stay on their profile until they remove it. While, on the other hand, if the profile is set to private, only approved followers will be able to view that reposted story on your profile. 

  1. Photos and Videos

When someone reposts your video or photos, they tag you in that post. You will receive a notification in your Direct Message (DM box). Similarly, a notification is sent to your message requests if you don’t follow someone and mention you in a post—these last until and unless you delete that reposted post from your profile permanently.

If you want the post taken down, you have to repost it to Instagram as there is no way to remove your username from a person’s post. 

How to follow the posts you have been tagged in?

If someone decides to have a follow-up or share the posts in which they have been tagged, particular instructions need to be followed:

  1. Go to your Direct Messages by clicking the Messenger symbol at the top-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Open the notification informing you that you’ve been tagged in a Story. 
  3. Press the icon on that message that reads, “Add this to your story.”
  4. Edit the story if you wish by adding stickers, GIFs, or text. 
  5. Press forward or next. 
  6. Select a path where you want to post the story. These options are your Story, your Close Friends, or a Direct Message to another account. 
  7. Press Send, and this completes the procedure of how to repost on Instagram in which someone has tagged them. 

Mentioned sharing

Currently, Instagram has only allowed mention sharing when the account that posts the story is public and has the Instagram sharing story features enabled. If the account is private, you’ll still get a notification in your Direct Messages.

But the private account will not be able to share it. However, screenshotting the story is allowed, and after that, you can repost it to your stories as Instagram doesn’t notify users when you screenshot their stories like Snapchat. 

Use a Instagram reposting app

There are many app developers nowadays who are eagerly waiting to fulfill the niche of the general public. Many such apps allow users to repost content on Instagram. Some popular reposting apps include

  1. Repost for Instagram
  2. Insta Repost
  3. Instarepost
  4. Download gram
  5. Video downloader from Insta and many more 

These are free of cost available on the play store. Also, guides are present concerning each app on how to repost on Instagram without any price of dealing and annoying ads. The reposting method of most of these apps is reasonably similar to that described above of direct reposting on Instagram.

How to repost a post or video on Instagram that is already downloaded

For reposting an already downloaded post or video on Instagram, you will have to follow the below-given steps: 

Step 1

Once you’ve downloaded and installed any repost app for Instagram, you’ll first need to launch Instagram. After that, find a post you want to repost and tap the three-dots button to see the detailing options of that post.

Step 2

Tap the button labeled Copy Link and copy that easily by clicking on it. 

Step 3

Now, open up repost for Instagram application on your phone and paste that copied link in step 2 to see the latest Instagram post.

Step 4

When you’re ready to repost the image, double tap on it, adjust the variables to where you want to fix them, and click on the repost button. It’s as simple as that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How to Repost on Instagram?

Some of the frequently asked questions about various Instagram repost applications and their relative reposting strategies include the following:

Q: What is reposting on Instagram?

Reposting on Instagram is also sometimes referred to as regramming. It is relatively a new feature comparative to commenting or liking someone’s post on Instagram’s news feed.

Q: Is reposting legal on Instagram?

If you are giving proper credit to the person who initially made the post you are sharing, then reposting is legal lawfully. Referring to this, whenever you repost your story, Instagram automatically has the account’s username displayed under the post. 

Q: How to avoid infringement claims?

Most third-party apps display usernames on the reposted story or post. It is a significant step in learning how to repost on Instagram lawfully to be safe and avoid breaking any copyright claims.

Q: Do I need permission to repost an Instagram Story?

Yes, it is because you cannot post private or confidential information of anyone. Also, you cannot do anything that violates someone’s else rights and intellectual property. Therefore, one should ensure to document their response if they allow it to be safe.

Q: Who can see my reposted Instagram story?

It solely depends on your account settings. If you posted it to your Close Friends story, then only the people you approved to see that story can view it, and if it’s on your regular story, then all of your followers can see it.

Q: Is reposting a legal way to promote content?

Yes, indeed it is. Whenever you are reposting a new post to your feed, it means you are promoting someone’s content. It helps to increase your engagement and grow your followers on Instagram rapidly. 

Q: Is reposting a part of your Instagram strategy?

Yes, to some extent, it is so. Reposting is allowed on almost every social media app, but on Instagram, it is done with excellent safety and security. That allows restricting many unknowns to approach you. 

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