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How to recover disabled Facebook account

At each connection attempt, a message informs you that your Facebook account has been disabled? Contact the social network without delay to plead your cause. Because after 30 days, the disabled facebook account will be final!

“Your account has been deactivated”. This is the message that appears every time you try to log into your Facebook account. What a shock! After checking, you are certain that it is not a problem of an incorrectly typed password or a bad Internet connection. No, it’s the social network itself that closes its doors to you. And he is also the only one who can decide to reopen them. But you will have to plead your case. The good news is that your account, with its content and your friends lists, is not gone. If all goes well, you can get it back. 

Why do you have disabled Facebook account?

There are several causes for the deactivation of an account, all related to non-compliance with the conditions of use of the social network, in particular the rules enacted in the standards of its community. Because if Facebook advocates freedom of expression, Mark Zuckerberg’s company very clearly prohibits certain content and behavior.

As stated in the online document, Facebook prohibits, among other things, hateful, violent or provocative posts, comments and speech, dangerous individuals and organizations, the coordination of harm and the promotion of criminal actions, the exchange and commerce of drugs and firearms, fraud, deception, impersonation and the dissemination of false information (fake news), incitement to suicide and self-harm, harassment and intimidation, sexual exploitation, child abuse and nudity, sexual exploitation of adults, violations of privacy and the right to confidentiality of images or even non-respect of intellectual property (non-exhaustive list).

Facebook reserves the right to suspend any account that does not comply with these rules. If your account has been deactivated, it is because a breach has been observed, either by an algorithm, or by one of the Facebook employees responsible for monitoring the network, or – and this is a frequent case – at the following a user’s report. Indeed, any member of the network can report objectionable content by sending an alert. And it’s perfectly possible that one of your comments was reported as a violation of community standards, which led to the deactivation of your account, in retaliation. 

How to reactivate disabled Facebook account?

Generally, Facebook warns you several times before deactivating your account. But the decision can also fall like a cleaver, without warning… If you believe that there is a mistake about the person or that your behavior does not deserve this sanction, you can file a complaint to ask Facebook to re-examine your case and reactivate your disabled Facebook account.

Warning: do not wait too long to carry out this procedure. Beyond 30 days of deactivation without reaction from your part, your account will be permanently deactivated and you will no longer be able to request a review of your situation!

  • To file a complaint with Facebook, launch a web browser on your computer or mobile and navigate to the Facebook Complaint Form.
  • Enter the email address used for your account.
  • Add your full name as shown on the account.
  • Click Choose Files to attach a copy of an ID. You can perfectly take a photo with your phone if you don’t have a scanned document at hand.
  • Finally, click on the blue Send button to validate and send your complaint.
  • Once the form has been sent to Facebook, all you have to do is wait for the verdict. Reactivating your disabled Facebook account can take several days or even weeks. And it’s not guaranteed…

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