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How to prioritize the internet traffic of the Tplink AP Repeater?

Are you looking for a wireless device that will help to extend the internet connection speed into the house? Well, most people use average speed wifi repeaters that offer limited signal coverage and slow speed. This article is for those people who are looking for high-speed internet connectivity and need an advanced wifi booster like Tplink AP Repeater. Well, the tp-link repeater not only provides you the high speed but also it is an affordable device as well. Basically, the tp-link wifi repeater combines 2 x 2 MU-MIMO technology with 802.11ac standard. 

In addition, it is a modem device with a strong hardware system and software as well. The setup and the tplinkrepeater login are just a five-finger exercise. The AP repeater is specially designed to extend the network connection of the house. You can connect an unlimited number of devices to the repeater and access it anywhere via the app. Also, you can use the wireless repeater in the small offices.

Simple ways to prioritize the Internet connection of the Tplink AP Repeater with QoS

You can prioritize the internet connection with the quality of service. As the QoS is specially designed to ensure the efficiency of the connection of the network and when it comes to the network then you will find it overloaded or congested as well. If you want to enable this feature then specify the priority levels for some wireless devices. By setting the bandwidth allocation you can simply enable the settings of the QoS. For that, just visit tplinkwifi.net and click on the enter button. Now you are the login page where you need to log in with your username and the password that you set for the repeater.

After that go to the advanced section then click on QoS and then click on the settings button. Therefore, select the enable button to start the functioning of the QoS. After that, enter the maximum upload and the download bandwidth which is usually provided by the bandwidth. As you know 1 Mbps speed of the repeater is equal to 1000 Kbps. There you need to click on the advanced section and then drag the scroll bar to set the priority of the bandwidth. Thus, click save.

How to add the QoS priority rule for the smartphone?

In order to add the priority for your mobile device simply select by device button and then click view to check the existing settings of the wireless repeater. Now simply select the appropriate QoS section from the respective displayed list. Hereafter click OK. You can also refer to the above steps if you want to implement these settings as well with the internet traffic. 

How to upgrade the database of the Tplink AP Repeater?

If you are watching for how to update tp link router then upgrade the database of the system first. Simply this feature helps to update or add the new features of the application that support numerous techniques of the repeater. Just install the new version of the tp-link wifi repeater and then also upgrade the list. 

First of all, install the latest QoS database from tplink.com and then go to tplinkrepeater.net. There you can log into the repeater with your credentials and set the details for your repeater. 

After the login, go to the advanced settings section and then click on QoS and then tap on the database to get the upgrade file. While the update is in the process then do not try to operate other settings as it can stop the downloading and you have to restart the process. This is how you can update the tp-link wifi repeater. 

Techniques to protect the tp-link network connection from Cyberattacks

Well, read this section just to protect your home internet connection from cyberattacks. You can apply this in your home network just to block or allow special clients to access the network by using the Access control. Well the firewall, SPI, or DoS can protect the repeater from cyberattacks. However, the SPI can prevent cyberattacks, and also it can validate the traffic to pass the repeater’s connection. You can simply enable this function to keep the default settings. If you want to enable DoS protection as it can protect the home network against internet attacks from flooding the network connection with server requests.

Just walk through tplinkwifi.net and then log in to the page with the tp-link ID and the password to set the repeater. After that, go to the settings of the advanced section and then click on the security and then settings. Now you can enable the DoS protection. 

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