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How To Optimize Your Helicopter Maintenance Business

Helicopters have been around for decades, and today these rotorcrafts are rapidly emerging as a key element in the global aviation arena. There are a lot of novel factors that make helicopters a highly sought-after civil aviation option. The biggest advantage that they offer is the ability to provide affordable and easy to access air transportation compared to the aircraft. A helicopter can be landed at a helipad and the ability to vertically take off and land makes it an ideal option for remote terrain and smaller towns or villages with ease. On the other hand, the aero planes are typically suitable for a larger number of passengers and need dedicated runways and airports to operate.

Today, the civil helicopter segment is witnessing rapid deployment of advanced flying machines produced by leading OEMs all over the world. Today, new helicopter models are being launched frequently with advanced technology integrations. There are specialized helicopters being built for diverse defense and civil usage. These world-class helicopters are kept in constantly ready to fly condition with the help of world-class helicopter maintenance software which can perform complex diagnostics, prognostics, and flexible maintenance packaging. Today, it is not enough to just buy a modern helicopter, but the operators also need competent helicopter maintenance support to make the best use of the machine.

The power of software-driven helicopter maintenance streamlines and optimises the diversity of MRO activities. From routine maintenance planning to all line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance activities are taken care of with reliable and consistent service levels. Leading global aircraft maintenance software providers also offer helicopter maintenance solutions that can cover all needs of the civil as well as military rotorcrafts. By deploying such an advanced aviation suite, it is possible to improve efficiency of human resources, purchases, inventory management, warranty, maintenance activities, finances, third party maintenance and sales support etc. Not only that, the software comes integrated with several business intelligence tools which utilise powerful data analytics to evaluate and expand the services seamlessly.

An advanced aircraft maintenance software can take care of the changes in market demands or customer preferences and accommodate the revised business processes with equal efficiency. Such solutions are cloud-based and it enables helicopter operators to get the benefits of top-of-the-line aviation technologies at a nominal subscription cost. Such solutions offer various features and benefits such as:

  • Parameter Value Tracking
  • Position Based Schedule Tracking
  • Offline Field Maintenance System
  • Mobile Application
  • Power by Hour (PBH) 
  • Electronic Flight Bag
  • Flight Contracting & Invoicing

Such feature rich support enables the helicopter maintenance providers to undertake global support operations for the line maintenance needs. Advanced AI-powered Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on board the aircraft or helicopters can undertake performance calculations, navigation and fuel planning. The software also allows integration with processes like maintenance, billing and enables up-to-date information of transmitting crucial real-time information to the on-ground maintenance crew and helping them plan their activities more efficiently. By optimising the workflows, remote field mechanics are able to multitask with ease.

The software also ensures accurate contract-based customer invoicing which leads to superior profit margins in each journey.

The right software would offer complete integration from journey logs to customer invoice, and facilitate seamless data transfer at merely the click of a button. The best-in-class software would also calculate usage-based depreciation instead of time-based depreciation leading to a more accurate evaluation of the assets and resources.

 Not only the efficiency and reduction in operational duration, the ideal helicopter maintenance or aircraft maintenance software would also lead to significant savings in terms of inventory costs, and further enhance the profitability of operations!

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