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How to increase YouTube views – Tips, sites and more to help

How to increase YouTube views for free and not only? In the article you will find the maximum number of chips that will help you get more YouTube views quickly and safely.

10 Tricks to Increase YouTube Views for Free

If you still do not know how to increase YouTube views for free, then be sure to read this article. All useful methods and tactics for promoting videos, attracting new viewers to the channel are collected here. For a rapid increase in the numbers on the counter with an eye, pay attention to the following factors:


Interesting and engaging content is a critical success factor. It will not only be a perpetual motion machine for the movement of counters, but also be able to give a tangible acceleration in development. Therefore, be sure to study the niche in which you are going to work, observe the activities of competitors. You need to create content that is much better than it is today. To do this, find interesting ideas, try to shoot the video well and edit it with dignity.


Think about which image is worthy of being a splash screen. This is the face of your video, this thumbnail will be visible to all users. You can use a frame from the video, or you can create an attractive splash screen using graphic editors. It should be remembered that the image should entice, intrigue, only then users will want to watch your video.

SEO optimization

Without this, not a single video will be successfully promoted, except for those cases when you already have an impressive, active audience. If the phrase SEO optimization is unfamiliar to you, do not rush to get scared – everything is simple here. You need to add words to the title and description of the video by which users can search for it. Be guided by logic, if you are shooting a video on how to cook soup, then name it that way. In the description, you can add similar queries, you can see them in Wordstat, it’s free. Successful optimization will help increase YouTube views of videos from internal search.

Sharing a link

Look for sites and pages that can gather an audience interested in your field. For example, thematic forums, news columns and white papers. Of course, it is better if you earn the title of an expert on the selected sites, then your opinion will be listened to and you can promote your videos. You can also use adjacent directions to attract new viewers, which will naturally increase the counter with a peephole.

Social network

Surely, on the pages of popular networks, you already have many real friends who are willing to respond to your request. Submit information about the added video on YouTube, for sure your friends will want to watch it. You can even ask for a repost, the most responsive will respond.

Trusting relationship

Shoot a video and talk to your subscribers as if you have known each other for a long time, maintain a warm relationship. Sympathy is felt even through the screen, and users will repay you in kind. Agree, if a nice blogger says that something interesting awaits at the end of the video, then you will probably want to watch it. Also, recommending to watch other videos will be seen as friendly advice rather than begging for attention.

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Mutual PR

Interaction is used by many creators who want to get more views for their videos. It is worth choosing an ally from among those “equal” in views and subscribers to yours. For selection, you can use specialized services, communities in other social networks or buy and sell sites. It is important that your spheres with a companion have points of contact, make a joint video or tell each other about videos.


By adding text, you take care of each user. You probably know that there are cases when not everyone can watch videos with sound or use headphones. Subtitles are an advantage that can differentiate you from the competition and increase YouTube views. You can add subtitles in 5 steps:

  • first you need to log into Creative Studio;
  • select the “Subtitles” category in the menu on the left;
  • indicate the video to which they need to be added;
  • click on the “Add translation” button and select a language from the list;
  • in the Subtitles column, click “Add”.
  • Embed your videos

You can add a link to the video on third-party sites, as well as embed a YouTube window with your video. It is important that views will be counted on the video hosting service itself, and this can contribute to a significant increase in views. It’s not difficult, you just need to find out the code of the video, you can do this by clicking on the “Share” button with an arrow under the video and copy the link in the window that opens.


Follow all the trending bloggers from your area, try to regularly write comments under their videos. Everyone independently, of course, chooses what to write, but try to interest other users with the text so that they go to your channel. Many people use this tactic: troll the creators of the video. But this is not very effective, as your comment can simply be deleted. Therefore, write interesting and original texts, preferably with humor, do not forget to mention your videos. Surely many will want to see what such an interesting character is filming and watch them.

Services to increase YouTube views and save your money

The listed free options are quite working, but it will take time to implement them. If you are planning a rapid increase in views on YouTube, then you have a direct path to promotion services, which can increase the necessary indicators in a few days. You can find many of them on the Internet, but we have selected the most worthy ones:

  1. https://doctorsmm.com – if you want to buy views for your video in YouTube ultra cheap, then be sure to check out the services of this site. The cost of 1000 here is 60 rubles, but this tariff is without deduction. The company offers other profitable, better quality services that you can get without assignments and registration.
  2. https://prtut.ru – this service also offers an inexpensive cost of views for YouTube, you can buy 1000 units here for 69 rubles. Please note that some tariffs provide a bonus – adding subscribers. Also available for ordering views with hold, live, mix, with viewers from the USA, Russia, Brazil at low prices.
  3. https://lowcostsmm.com/ru/ – 1000 live views on YouTube videos with retention cost on this site only from 69 rubles. The domain is multilingual, the Russian version is not the main one. The plus of this resource is in full automation when fulfilling orders. Ordered views = automatically order launched.
  4. https://avi1.ru  – here you can overclock the counter next to the peephole to 1000 for only 118 rubles. But the minimum order here, as well as on the sites presented above, is only 100 units. You can place an order in 3 steps, pay for it in any of the 7 presented ways.
  5. Autismo is also quite a working service, for 1 viewing here you will pay 0.35 rubles. But there is no description of the added resources on the site, so you cannot be sure about the time of order execution and the duration of views. The minimum order is 1000 units, registration is not required.
  6. Piarit – the company offers to promote videos by winding up views: 1000 here can be purchased for 400 rubles. The speed of execution is gradual, they are added with a margin, they guarantee the quality.
  7. Profi-like – here you can buy views with a quick start for 19 rubles. and slow for 13 rubles. for 100. The company reminds that the video should be open for embedding for all countries.
  8. Smmrus – on the site you can get views on YouTube quickly and inexpensively: 1000 for 470 rubles. You can use Yandex.Money, Interkassa, Webmoney and even PayPal as payment methods (but the commission here is brutal – 8%).

How else can you increase YouTube views of videos in hours?

Each author tries to contribute to the promotion of the channel by decorating each video to make views. It is difficult to do this on YouTube without tasks and programs, users post new videos every minute. Next, let’s look at ways that will help give the initial impetus and get the first views under the videos.

Services exchangers

Initially, everyone interested in promoting their channels accumulated in communities on social networks. There they posted links to their videos, watched other people’s. But this process is chaotic, it is impossible to track who watched the video and who did not. Therefore, many began to be disappointed in this method, and enterprising citizens created services for the exchange of resources. Here as well, to get the desired traffic to its e video, you need to perform specified actions. But the difference here is that the system meticulously monitors the number of tasks performed, calculating the internal currency. It’s no longer possible to trick here, everyone gets as much as they earn.

After typing the required amount of local currency, you can create your own task by specifying the remuneration for the contractor. It is clear that the participants in the exchange are more willing to take on more expensive actions. Therefore, if you want to quickly increase YouTube views, then for this you need to set a higher price for execution.


Modern people are chasing views and measuring likes. As you know, demand creates supply and programs appear on the Internet that allow you to get what you want without much effort. Let’s consider the principle of working with such software:

  • Download the program from the site;
  • Install on your computer;
  • Specify the username and password from entering the Youtube account;
  • On behalf of the attached profile, tasks of other users using the program will be performed.

The advantage of this method is that you yourself will not need to perform any tasks, spend your time watching videos, the program will do everything for you. But this method also has disadvantages – your account on YouTube can be blocked for excessive activity. Therefore, users create additional profiles, the data from which they indicate in the program. But this is also fraught with oh, since such accounts will still be blocked by the system, and all resources will be written off. Therefore, the automation of actions with the help of programs, like any cheat, gives a temporary effect. But this will be enough to get the first views or to stream.

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How to Boost Video Views to 1 Million in Less than a Year

If you are one of those people who love specifics and plan to increase the number of views on YouTube, live and present, in order to lead your channel to success, then you need to draw up a promotion strategy, as well as develop a plan in detail. This will help you to clearly determine how long it will take and what methods to set views and likes you should use.


  • At this stage, you need to choose a specific topic that your videos will be devoted to;
  • Then analyze the content of similar channels, their audience and the frequency of adding videos;
  • It is also worth highlighting the pros and cons that you noticed in the activities of competitors;
  • Analyze how many views and likes uploaded videos collect and how long it takes. So you will be able to understand whether your competitors are using cheat;
  • Do not dismiss the possibility of a nominal increase in the view counter, even if the effect of the promotion is short-lived;
  • Use sites that can help you gain views quickly. The dynamics of the indicators will give a sign by the algorithm that your content is watched by many users;
  • Work on attracting a real audience, it is active users who will provide you with a regular influx of likes, views and comments.


  • Be sure to schedule the placement of videos;
  • Try to take part in all existing trends;
  • Broadcast live;
  • Alternate video types. Use all popular formats: interviews, success stories, product reviews, humorous videos, ratings. They can be customized for any direction and theme.

How video views affect your YouTube channel

Of course, this excitement around the views was staged for a reason. It is clear that this indicator is very important. Let’s consider what benefits you get if your videos have a lot of views:

  • Possibility to connect to the Youtube affiliate program. To do this, you need to get more than 4000 hours of views per year, but this is not the only condition;
  • Confirm your popularity. Not all users leave likes and comments, views are the most adequate indicator of interest;
  • Make money from advertising. Interested advertisers can contact you if they see that your videos are viewed by many users;
  • Better positions in search results. When a user sets a relevant query, videos with a large number of views are shown to him in the first positions;
  • Sell ​​sponsored products or promote your own. Everything is clear here – the more people watch the video, the more they will know about new projects;
  • Get into one of the ratings and reach a new level of popularity.

Surely every channel’s author strives for high peaks, for this purpose they try to get views for each video. Today there are many ways that simplify this activity. The article lists ways to increase YouTube views on your own and for money, and also lists the factors that you should pay special attention to.

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