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How to Hack Android Phone Remotely with Kali Linux

How to Hack Android Phone Remotely with Kali Linux

If you want to know how to hack Android phone remotely using a combination of tools, then Kali Linux is the best choice for you. This is a Debian operating system that is specially used by ethical hackers to investigate any device for security purposes, advanced penetration checking and also network analysis. It is absolutely free and has around 600 tools to use, it is also available in multiple languages ​​and has open source code for hackers to edit at their convenience. It works with ARM, ARMEL and ARMHF devices as well. 

Limitations ,

If you are a beginner who is learning how to hack Android phone remotely with no previous experience, Kali Linux might be difficult to understand. It is mainly used for penetration checks, so the tools are advanced and complicated. 

How to Hack Android Phone Remotely Using CMD

With the help of cmd commands on your laptop, you can view the activity of an Android phone. This is one of the best methods that teach you how to hack Android phone from computer remotely . Using an app or command prompts, it will initially send a link or download an apk file to the Android device. When the person clicks on it, they will have access to your phone. Using your laptop or PC, you can enter the common ‘cmd’ prompts in the coding space and access all calls, messages, social media exchanges and also know the person’s location. 

limitation ,

If you don’t have a solid understanding of coding and don’t understand computer languages, this method can be a huge headache. 

How to hack an Android phone with phishing

If you want to know how to hack Android phone remotely easily, then phishing is the right method for you. This process involves creating a web page that has their malware embedded. The link should be realistic and brief. You can then embed this web page as a hyperlink in text messages or also send an email to the person with the target phone. As soon as they click the link from the phone, you’ll have access to the content and activities they use on the phone. 

Limitations ,

It completely depends on the person who opens the embedded web page link. If they use another phone (not your target phone) or device to open the email/message, then you won’t have the unrestricted access you wanted. 

How to hack Android phone with fake ads    

Fake ads can easily be included on a social media page, on the websites you view, or as simple pop-ups on your phone. These are very intrusive and keep prodding the person (virtually, of course!) until they are clicked. When it comes to Android phones, an accidental click would also be enough. Once the click is achieved, you will have free access to the device and can easily hack the contents of the smartphone. Hackers also use false advertising technique to deliver destructive malware or vulnerabilities to an Android device. They are very common with computers, but can also be used for Android devices. 

Limitations ,

People have become more aware of fake ads and often go out of their way to avoid clicking on them. So, if the Android owner does not want his activities to be tracked, then he could find a way to avoid these fake ads. 

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