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How to hack a phone

Modern society is an open book. Think of all these social networks, chats, smartphones and other devices. The internet has a huge impact on our life, keeping data about us, our location, passions and beliefs. A stranger can easily recognize any person. All you have to do is visit an Instagram or Facebook page. Photos, videos, and even the thoughts you share are online. However, being on all social networks is not enough. This is the case when people are looking for third parties to get to know you and even  hack your phone . But what’s under the term how to hack a phone? Let’s find out more now.


  1. Is it possible to hack someone’s phone without touching it?
  2. The transformation of hacking
  3. Why do people want to hack a phone?
  4. Hang up someone’s phone with just their number
  5. Conclusion

Is it possible to hack someone’s phone without touching it?

Tracking phones remotely is more robust and more complicated than you expected. However, it is possible to hack someone’s phone without touching it. There are many specialized spy apps, tools, and programs that can help you reach data remotely. However, for a regular user, using software technology as a spy app is a PROVEN method of learning about the activities that are performed on the target phone. Many of these apps have all the necessary features: GPS tracking, call logs, SMS tracking; and many exclusives: social media monitoring, geo-fencing, etc., which could save you time and energy.

The transformation of hacking

Businessmen looking at the computer monitor The first applications for hacking cell phones were simple and very restricted. There were just a few basic functions that helped the criminals gather information about the victim. Digital thieves studied their victims’ habits and used keyloggers to record their passwords and other relevant information. But cybercrime is no longer about actual hacking. There are many legal programs that you can easily download and install on your computer or phone.

Software that allows a person to  hack another person’s cell phone  for monitoring, tracking, recording is called  a spying app . This definition doesn’t work well for the whole point of spy apps. Nowadays, such software is used for noble purposes more often than ever. But due to its criminal past, people still think that after installing the spy program, someone will hack their phone instead. He is one of the most widespread disbelievers among gadget users with Android or iOS.

Even in the 21st century, people don’t fully understand what tracking applications do and how they can be used for functional purposes. Modern mobile phone hacking applications are more powerful than ever, even if they are potentially positive. Hence, it is the simplest method of hacking someone’s cell phone, but the reasons for doing so have changed in the opposite way in the past few years.

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Why do people want to hack a phone?

In the past, looking for ways to find out about an  unfaithful spouse  or perhaps,  how to hack someone’s phone  from your computer or how to hack someone’s Android phone remotely was extremely important. However, over time, these priorities have transformed. Hence, people have created a number of new reasons to justify hacking someone else’s phone. It is common to be more intimidated by a physical robbery than an online one. Nonetheless, everyone wants to protect his property. As a result, many resort to using cell phone hacking software for tracking, especially if the phone is stolen.

For monitoring and protection purposes, parents want to know where their child is or what their online activity is like.

In a corporate environment, spy apps can be used to supervise their employees’ devices in order to prevent any corporate spying or non-work related use during working hours.

Hang up someone’s phone with just their number

Today, the advancement of technology and the introduction of new features have made phones even more powerful than ever. It is practically impossible to find a person without a mobile phone. Unfortunately, technological improvements come with the risk of getting involved in cyberbullying, sexting, identity theft, and so on. Parents’ biggest concern is to protect their kids online and offline. After all, the most vivid question arises: “  how to hack a mobile phone without software? “

If you have excellent knowledge of who can be responsible for their actions for hacking a phone or are familiar with popular online tools that may contain malicious software, then you already know how to hack a mobile phone without any software. We recommend using proven methods to log into your cell phone, using phone monitoring apps like mSpy.

mSpy serves as an excellent parental control app that allows you to have full access to the target device.

 Why choose it?

  • You can access all social media apps: Skype,  Whatsapp ,  Snapchat , Tinder,  Facebook ,  Kik  and Viber; all messages, photos and videos come with attached timestamps.
  • You can  track the GPS location  of all chosen devices and get route history information.
  • With  SMS tracking  you can see what your worker or child is writing and view the content of every message sent or received.
  • Supervise all  outgoing and incoming calls  to the device you are monitoring with the call and email management feature.

In addition, it updates information on all activities remotely every 5 minutes. The app is also undetectable which means you remain 100% invisible! Sounds like hacking, right? Especially for a price under $ 1 per day! If we still don’t sound persuasive, read our full review here before purchasing the app.

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There is one point that new users of monitoring apps often miss. You can’t hack an old cell phone that doesn’t have internet access. Hence, only smartphones can become a target. Check the operating system of the target phone before installing an app.

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