How to get more views on Tik Tok

How to get more views on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a movie sharing and making app, launched in 2017 for extremely fast reception, especially among younger internet users. Having achieved over a billion Android app downloads, the Tik Tok ecosystem is huge, diverse and, for many users, a path to fame and fortune.

While direct monetization of Tik Tok is still a bit difficult, it can be done for those who are willing to take the right steps to create addictive and addictive content. The key is to attract a stable audience. There are several factors that affect subscribers on TikTok.

So how do you get more views on Tik Tok videos? At first glance, it might seem like “to make movies more interesting” and it’s a great place to start, but it’s not the whole scene, nor close. Some of the tips to get more views on TikTok are below:

Configure your profile

The first step in attracting followers and gaining views is to create a profile. A good profile means that someone who is watching one of your videos is more likely to stick around and watch it, while an incorrect or misinformed profile will not tempt anyone to stay or subscribe.


It is important to choose the correct username. Pick one that’s easy to remember, but also reflects who you are and what your videos are about. An attractive username that gets people interested in your content is the most effective way to start your TikTok profile.

Profile picture

A great profile picture will definitely increase your chances of getting followers fast. Whether it’s a person or a group, adding an attractive, high-quality profile picture will encourage people to follow your videos.

Multiplatform reach

Add links to other social networks so that people who want to connect with you can do so. More connections = more views. Your profile should reflect who you are and what you do with your video style, but it should also be friendly to new viewers.

Choose a niche

You can post videos every day, but it’s content that encourages people to watch. With TikTok, you can host fun videos, how-to videos, inspirational content, and more. If you want to show off animals or their talents, your followers will start to expect this type of content.

Choosing your niche means you’ve found something that people love to watch and post new material like that to keep the following going.

Plus, there is plenty of time during the day and as many movies as you can get. If you have a special ability, super power, or hidden talent, you must be prepared to use it here.

There are millions of similar and similar sounds on Tik Tok, and you want to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re an amazing drummer or can play the piano with your toes, find something you can do better than the rest and get ready.

Go to social networks

Sam Tik Tok is a social network and emphasizes the social aspect. Watch other people’s videos, see their work, support them on likes, comments and sharing – this not only increases the number of people you watch, but also increases their videos. Your username appears in these comments, and if you have something cool to say, people will click on it to see what’s going on in your world.

You need to be an active member of the Tik Tok community, making friends and helping each other. Engagement is also a way to turn random followers into die-hard fans: when you respond positively and fully to someone’s comments on your video, you increase your engagement on the videos produced.

Wear the crown

The crown on Tik Tok is a crown icon that appears on the profiles and videos of some privileged users. Basically having a crown means that you are a recognized influence on the platform. At Tik Tok, there are moderators looking for people whose work they want to encourage, and the crown is one of the awards they sometimes give out.

The crowning will take a lot of time and effort – the crown is a reward for success, not a tool for future action. In the meantime, you should interact with the crowned Tik Tok figures whenever you can, using their popularity to fuel your own. If you leave a comment on a video that receives 100,000 views per day, your comment will have a much greater impact than if you leave it on a video that receives 100 views per day, but it takes that much time to write each comment.

Work to earn your own crown, create great content, help others on the internet, stay active, and generally be considered a good person.

Use popular hashtags

Some Tik Tok creators can create movies quickly, depending on the style and niche. If you are a creator, you can use trending hashtags on Tik Tok to see where the audience’s interest is and create videos that match those hashtags.

Then upload your current video with the proper tag and you will not only receive the recipients, but you will also be the type of recipient who is usually looking for new things, the most influential and desired demographic groups on the site.

You don’t need to change trends all the time, but a sprinkle of current movies, interspersed with a normal diet, will speed up your growth.

Using challenges

Challenges are a great way to increase audience engagement and engage the people who hear about the challenge. You can create your own challenge or participate on the initiative of other people. Like other social media engagement tools, we recommend that you do both: you want to be seen as a member of the community and yourself as a creator.

Participate well, encourage competitors or people to take up the challenge, and praise the wonderful work of others. Challenges are a fun and exciting way to engage others and get more views.


Cooperation is a big part of Tik Tok. Since the introduction of duets, working with others has become easier than ever. Duets aren’t the only way to collaborate, but they’re the easiest. If you find other users with a similar subscriber level or someone in the same niche, the proposal for a joint video project could reach a whole new audience.

You can collaborate with people you know well or send random orders to popular creators with collaboration requests. Don’t be surprised if creators with a much higher engagement politely (or not politely) reject your offer; It is not a personal matter. Once you’ve built a great content portfolio, you’re more likely to be able to collaborate with other influencers.

Post frequently

Social media followers have extremely short memories. Something posted a day or two ago is no longer in our consciousness, unless it is unique or created by a celebrity. To be successful on Tik Tok, you need to post good quality videos at least once a day.

If you are actively trying to build followers, you may need to do more. Although there is often pressure to send, quality is always more important than quantity. It will be much better to post less often, but with much better quality than boring stuff all the time. Everything you do, post or say on Tik Tok affects the number of visits and, therefore, the number of subscribers.

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Use other platforms

Some creators are focusing their entire social media reach on the Tik Tok itself, but that’s a bad thing. While Tik Tok is the primary place you spend energy, places like Instagram’s Facebook can be a very powerful multiplier for recipients as well.

If you don’t have a lot of followers on TikTok yet, but you do have some on other social media platforms; you can publish your content on other platforms to get more views. Encourage your followers on other social media sites to capture more content on TikTok.

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