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How to Get a Good Job Without a Degree

People have a misconception about the relationship between a good job and a degree. They always assume that a high paid job requires a degree. However, among the well- paid jobs in the UK, many jobs don’t require a degree, like an air traffic controller, digital marketer, firefighter, etc. These jobs mainly focus on the candidates’ skills and experience rather than their degrees.

Here is a list of the well-paid job in the Uk that doesn’t require a degree

  1. Air Traffic controller 
  2. Firefighter 
  3. Train driver
  4. Project Manager
  5. Estate Agent 
  6. Freelancer 
  7. Police Constable 
  8. Digital Marketer 
  9. Game Developer 
  10. SEO Expert 

This blog will talk about some valuable tips and strategies to secure one of these jobs. Stay tuned and learn how to establish a lucrative career without a degree!

Tips for Getting a Job Without a Degree

1. Finding the Right Sector

Requirements for jobs differ from sector to sector. For example, in the field of medicine and engineering, you can’t land a job without formal education. On the other hand, there are many industries that don’t look for any sort of degree. These industries include real estate, digital marketing, freelancing and many others. So you just have to find the sector that is related to the skills you possess. 

      2. Take Training

Having some kind of training or education will help you get one of the best paid jobs in the UK. You can take industry-based training programs or online training courses to enrich your knowledge and skills. You can also take up apprenticeships to get practical training. The training courses will provide you with certificates, and these certificates will support you in building an impressive resume.

       3. Create an Attractive CV

Employers go through hundreds of CV’s and only a few catch their eyes. You have to make sure that your resume is among them. To make an impressive resume, you must highlight your skills that are relevant to the job. Your resume will become more attractive if you can add certificates from training programs or online courses.

Cover letters also play a significant role in establishing a good impression. Therefore make sure that your cover letter represents your skills and abilities. Don’t talk about your drawbacks, instead focus on your positive sides. 

       4. Use Your Networks 

When it comes to landing a job without a degree, networking is vital. If you know anyone from the company you are applying to, let them know that you are looking forward to working there. Sometimes you might not understand how to search for a job. You can reach out to people working in your chosen industry to stay updated on current job openings. The more you spread your network, the more chances of getting a job you will have. 

       5. Ace the Interview

Acing your interview is crucial to secure a job with or without a degree. You have to stay confident. Mention that you don’t have a degree only if it’s needed; otherwise do avoid bringing it up. Add emphasis on your experiences and skills that will help you carry out your duties. There is a considerable chance that the recruiters will ask you about your degree. Prepare logical answers on how not having a degree will not create obstacles for you or hamper your proficiency.

       6. Match your Skills with the Job listing 

When you don’t have a degree, you must connect your skills to the employer’s requirements. The best way to do it is by listing the keywords like skills, experience, or qualifications from the job circular. After listing the keyword, it’s time to connect them with the skills and expertise you possess. It is a good idea to go through the job description to make an assumption on what skills are essential to carry out the responsibilities. 

It is very important that both in your CV and your interview, you mention the keywords. Don’t forget to connect the list with your skills. This technique will help you draw your recruiter’s attention to your abilities and turn you into a suitable candidate.  

      7. Have Patience 

Last but not least, you must not lose patience. The job market is highly competitive, and without a degree, it becomes more challenging to beat the competition. Therefore you must have the ability to deal with rejection and wait for the right opportunities with patience. 

If you have the willpower to build a successful career, then a degree won’t come on your way. With pure dedication and a good skill set, your chance of securing the best paying jobs in the UK is very high. So, buckle up and start preparing yourself for a brilliant career.

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