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How To Fix Dekco Outdoor Security Camera Not Connecting to WiFi?

The Dekco outdoor security camera is a Wi-Fi-connected & wireless connectivity technology security camera. It works better & absolutely good than the other camera. The motion monitoring function is here in this camera that completely surveillance of your residence. The motion monitoring function of this camera allows tracking objects in motion. Once the motion is detected by the Dekco outdoor security camera then automatically receives an alert directly from the mobile app & email. The viewing angle of this outdoor security camera is 350°. It watches all-around without blind spots to preserve the safety of your business and family. The live view feature supports the outdoor security camera. Then, you can simply watch your home view anywhere & anytime remotely. 

The fill-color night vision is built-in in the Dekco outdoor wireless security camera that enables the camera to work at night. The recorded clips quality of this camera is good & high because the smart resolution is there. The microphone & speaker is built-in in the Dekco security camera that offers two-way audio. You can directly communicate with your family members if you are far from home. The floodlight feature offers amazing clarity with 4× zoom. 

Why is a WiFi network required for the Dekco Outdoor Security Camera?

The connectivity technology of the Dekco security camera is wireless. Additionally, this camera works with a Wi-Fi network. Then, with the Wi-Fi network, you can simply watch live views. But this camera only supports a 2.4GHz network. It does not support the 5GHz network. The SD card slot is built-in in this camera, in which you can simply insert the SD card. The outdoor security camera completely supports a 128G Micro SD card. Moreover, it can also support secure cloud storage.

The live view feature is included in this wireless security camera. With this feature, you are able to watch your home live view far from the home. But to watch the live view is far from the home, your dekco security camera completely connects to the network connectivity. The Wi-Fi network connectivity is a must to properly watch the live view. 

Dekco Outdoor Security Camera Not Connecting to WiFi? Reasons

The Dekco wireless security camera comes along with a network feature. The 2.4GHz network is compatible with this camera. But sometimes, the Wi-Fi network is not connected to the security camera. If the security camera is not working with the 2.4GHz network, then you are not able to watch the LiveView. With the network, you can completely watch the live view at all times. There are some reasons due to the IP camera not connecting to the WiFi. 

  • Wireless router install is a long distance from the camera
  • Not using the correct router’s password
  • Not using the correct app
  • Internet is unstable & not working well
  • Set the wrong IP address on the outdoor security camera

Dekco Outdoor Security Camera Not Connecting to WiFi? Here are some solutions 

If the Dekco security camera is not working with the WiFi network connectivity then you can try some solutions below. These solutions are usually more helpful to properly fix the issue.

Ensure the Dekco wireless camera has enough power

Make sure the camera power is turned ON. if the camera power does not turn ON, then it dies not able to work with the WiFi network. Additionally, make sure not any cable is loose or wonky. If the cable is loose then you can tighten it. Ensure the camera’s power AC adapter is properly & completely plugged into the power supply. If the AC power adapter is a loose plug then the camera power does not switch ON. 

If your wireless security camera is battery powered. Then ensure the battery of this camera is fully charged. If the battery does not charge, then with a power adapter, you can simply charge the battery. 

Using correct password

Many times, the camera’s user mentions an incorrect password. With the incorrect password, your camera is not able to work with the WiFi network. If you connect your camera to the WiFi network by using the incorrect password, then the connection fails and error comes. 

You always mention the correct password to connect the security camera to the WiFi network connectivity. With the correct password, the connection failure message does not come. 

Make sure the Wi-Fi network is stable 

Ensure the WiFi network of your wireless router is stable. Many times, the network connectivity is interrupted then the connection issue comes. In order to complete the camera setup Then, for this, you have to configure the router’s setting. By using an IP address, you can simply establish the setting. After that, the security camera works with a 2.4FGHz WiFi network. 

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